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Devil Ducks and Surprises

I'm an aunt…again! I have a new little nephew born August 18 at 3:30 in the morning. He's 7lb's 8 oz. I found out at lunch and went and bought a bunch of stuff for the baby and my niece and nephew since I know they'll be feeling a little jealous about all the attention the baby is getting. Apparently my older nephew calls his little brother 'the thing'. Yup the jealousy begins now.

While out buying toys for the kids I also bought myself a little something. I bought cute little devil ducks in 6 different colors that go on top of a pencil or pen (just for the record when I wrote that sentence I accidentally typed devil dicks - heh).

So last night I got quite the surprise. Last night was supposed to be the girls night over at T's mom's. Earlier in the day I had emailed T and told her I was cancelling cause I had to much to do after work. She called and told me that her mom had made a special dessert just for me so I told her I would come for dessert at 7:30. T picked me up at Keith's and told me she forgot the desert topping her mom asker her to bring so we had to go back to her place. Once there I told her I'd wait in the car but she said to come in and say hi to her dog so I did. Once in there a bunch of the girls at work jumped out and yelled surprise! Which it definitely was. I found out the extent everyone went to for this bridal shower and it was actually kind of humbling. I can't really explain it except for the fact that I would do this for other people in a heart beat but I really don't expect other people to do it for me.

I wanted to update a lot more but unfortunately time has run out. The day is done.

Tomorrow morn I'm heading out to my parent's. I'll be trying on my wedding gown with my new corsette or whatever it's called - it lifts my boobs (high I might add!) and sucks in the rest of me. I can't breath but hey I look good. It's gonna be fun trying on my dress with my shoes though cause I did something to my knee yesterday and it's killing me!

Also, I get my 2nd bridal shower this weekend, although this one isn't a surprise. Oh and I get to see my brand spanking new nephew and get my niece to try on her flower girl dress that I found down the street for $60. She better love it and it better look good with the other dresses.

That's all.

4:13 p.m. - 2005-08-19


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