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Time is not my friend

Oh man, coming back after a vacation is not easy. I am so not in work mode right now. It doesnít help that I slept like crap. I jokingly asked Keith when he thought Iíd fall asleep last night and he said 3am. I laughed but sure enough 3am rolls around and there I was wide awake. I awoke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover. Not from booze but from lack of sleep.

Then this morning I had an emotional Ďemailí thing going one with one of my friends. Sheís the only person (so far) to rsvp back that sheís not coming. After a whole slew of emails it turns out that the reason she canít make it is cause sheís alone that weekend (her boyfriend is going out of town) and she doesnít want to make the long drive (itís one hour). At first she had me thinking that she had a weight watchers staff meeting on the day of my wedding but as it turns out the meeting is the next day. Weíre at a bit of a standstill. She feels guilty Ė especially since S called her and made her feel that way. Then I mentioned the extra hotel room my dad has booked and that has opened a can of worms I donít want to get into right now. I feel bad that Iím offering a room my parentís are paying for. Itís not like sheís destitute and canít afford it. Do I really want her to come that badly? Would I want my friend there if I have to bribe her?

Can you tell Iíve been watching too much Sex and the City? I have Carrieís voice running through my head! I am now the proud owner of Season One and Two! That show really shouldnít make me as happy as it does. Iím now itching to buy Season Three. But ya knowÖ.maybe I should wait till after my birthday just in case for some reason I get that present from my boy (hint hint!).

Speaking of my birthday, I canít believe itís in 9 days! I have never not counted down the days before! Itís very strange thatís it barely a bleep on my radar. Times are a changing. But no worries Iím sure next year Iíll be back to normal.

Every once in a while it hits me full blastÖ.Iím getting MARRIED! Holy Crap! Deep breath.

So my vacation passed in a blink of an eye. The first part of the week was busy. Keith and I went to Rib Fest two days in a row. We brought his friend whoís in the wedding the second night. I had kettle corn for the first time and man was it addictive! On Sunday night I headed into T dot to hang out with S for the night. We got drunk on watermelon martinis. My lord but those were good! You couldnít taste the alcohol which was very dangerous. We were supposed to watch belly dancing but that didnít happen. So we watched some fireworks and then got propositioned in the park near her house - $20 to watch. S thought about it but I talked her out of it. You never just watch. Not that I know from experience but címon.

Monday we went on a boat cruise around the harbor and then met up with a friend whoís making necklaces for the girls in my wedding. She rocks. I didnít end up leaving until 9 at night and I had a throbbing headache (lack of sleep and the hangover I believe were the causes).

Tuesday Keith and I headed to Wonderland. We didnít get there till around 3 and man was it packed! Even the crappy rides had huge rides. Around 6 we decided to cut our losses, took a ride on the carrisole and then left. We ended up driving to Niagara Falls and checked out prices for jacuzzie suites on October 2 and 3. We did end up booking a motel for a few night at a reasonable price. We decided to stay the night since it was on the late side and rainy. We ate at Ďourí place and then strolled the strip in the rain. It was nice.

Wednesday we rushed back to the city so I could meet for lunch with my co-workers for our summer studentís going away lunch and then my parents arrived in town around 3. We had dinner together then my dad had Ďthe talkí about marriage with Keith and I. It wasnít as bad as I thought it would be.

Thursday I recuperated by spending the day in bed (after getting up early and meeting my parents for breakfast and them heading out of town). It was a very relaxing day.

The weekend went by in a blur. Our biggest concern at the moment is regarding our rehearsal dinner. We have no where to have it. Plus itís not just for the wedding party but probably the people who are coming into town early which is half of our guest list! So weíre looking at 20 Ė 30 people at the rehearsal. Besides the big bucks it can mean itís the space thatís causing us problems. There are no main restaurants around that can handle that many. Yah itís a tad stressful.

Then on Friday night I totally broke down and had a good cry. My bank has somehow screwed up my car insurance I got a letter saying it would be cancelled today. I lost my shit on the girl from the bank and a while later they called back saying it was fixed. Iím not believing it until I see it so I called my insurance company today and am waiting for their call back.

Well thatís all the time I have now for an update. I gotta get back into this work grind.

1:55 p.m. - 2005-09-06


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