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It better not be a cold damnit...


So this morning I've had this strange sensation in my throat, kind of like I have something caught….or like it's kind of scratchy…..yah so I'm fearing the worse and have begun popping my echinacea pills. That is all I need 2 weeks before I walk down the aisle - a cold. I wouldn't be so paranoid if T wasn't sniffling and blowing her snotty nose at my place last night. Yah she's sick. She's never sick. She's doing this to me on purpose! Or maybe not but whatever - I don't want to get sick!

So I've started to feel bad telling my co-workers that Keith gave me nuthin' for my b-day. You see he did buy me something. Something we both picked out at the Stag Shop. Yah it's a rather intimate birthday gift so I can't go around telling that to my peeps. It just wouldn't be right. I told him he has to get me something that I can tell people about.

Tonight we're supposed to do our 'own' thing cause Keith has to gather his tax info so we can take it with us this weekend. He has to get it in asap so we can deal with the ramifications (he's gonna owe quite a bit of money). I'm supposed to stay home and pack like a mad woman and hopefully find some stuff to take to my parents to store for us. So far I haven't found anything they can store. I'm at the point now in packing that I can't 'not' pack stuff cause I might use it before I move. Let's face it I'm moving in less than 2 weeks now. 2 weeks from today my mom and I will be leaving the keys on the counter of my apartment and probably heading to the hotel my wedding's at. Holy crap did my stomach just do a somersault over that!

I crazily packed my gym bag this morning cause I so need to exercise. I'm having fears that the wedding dress is gonna be tight or that my corset will cut all my circulation off - that's if I can get it done up! Have I mentioned that I can't wait for this wedding to be over?!

On a totally unrelated subject, have you ever noticed that when you're in the mood to read some good diaries no one is updating so you go searching for good ones and still nuthin'. It bites big time. You think it would be a sign to either get back to work or to go and work on wedding crap but nah I spent my lunch hour trying to find some new good reads. And I must ad that what's the point in having a diary if you lock it?!

I'm outta here….

1:41 p.m. - 2005-09-16


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