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A rare Saturday entry

It feels so wrong that it's Saturday afternoon. It's been a busy day. Last night I finally remembered to call the dress lady. Yah well apparently her date book was already filled with her own stuff and a fitting for my dress wasn't included. But since, you know, my wedding is 2 weeks away we came to a compromise. One Keith wasn't all that happy about. Rather than have a sweet sleep in and leave around 2 in the afternoon, Keith came to my place, I got up and we left at 8 in the morning. Yay. I was so tired this morning but Keith more so so I'll shut up.

He actually did really good with it all. He navigated once we hit Barrie and while I did the dress fitting (15 min tops) he sat in the car and read. Afterwards we navigated our way out of Barrie and towards my parents. We came home to an empty house but I was expecting that. We both layed down almost as soon as we got here (scandously in the same bed! above the covers of course). We had both fallen into sweet dreamland when my parents very loud and very shrill phone began to ring. Once that happened I was up. No going back down for me.

So here I sit with an upset tummy (did I mention for bk Keith made me chicken, baccon and cheese on a bun? Then a while ago I had some chocolate chip cookies. Yah the corset was off then baby. I insanely wore that thing all the way down in the car. Compounded with my back problems it wasn't the most comfortable trip. I still can't stretch my shoulder blades without wincing in pain.

Our trip wasn't without drama though. Along the 400 I was in the slow lane for once and a car beside me in the middle lane started to do this wobble thing. At first I thought the person was just having some fun or being a jerk but then the wobbling got insane so I slammed on my brakes and the person pulled in front of me and finally onto the shoulder. We also stopped to see what was going on and found out that the lady blew one of her tires and had 2 or 3 kids in the car and NO cell phone! So I loaned her mine and she called for help. Once we were sure everything was okay we jammed it back onto the highway.

Yah so now I'm at a loss what to do. My parents won't be home till around 7 I think. My brother and his new wife are supposed to be down but no one knows what time. I'm kind of hungry but kind of feeling ill. Keith is down for the count. Oh and I for some reason packed so frugaly I have no shorts and of course it's warm here! I fixed that problem by borrowing a pair of my mom's but they feel more like a kind of work out short or long underwear that I'm not keen on wearing them outside of the house and even then I'm dubious about the people I'll allow to see me inside the house in these!

I guess I'll have to go dig around for a book to read. I didn't even bring any laundry to do! Although to my defense we were trying to keep the car clear so we could bring down stuff to store but that just never happened. But, oh the irony, of all this time and no dirty clothes to occupy it. It hurts to think of my stinky clothes on my floor at home. Sigh. Better luck next time.

I'm wearing all black and covered in white cat fur. Nice.

Have I mentioned that I am in love with my brother's old keyboard? I seriously love this keyboard. It's the best keyboard I've ever typed on. I wonder, if they'd notice if I took it? I also really like the clicketty clack sound the keys make as you strike them. Yah, I'm that kind of weird person who enjoys those sounds. If I'm typing on a keyboard that makes sounds I don't like then I will go and switch it. Let's keep that between us shall we?

Oh I almost forgot to mention the 'drama' that went on between Keith and I last night. I had to call him and tell him about the dress fitting debacle and he wasn't too happy about it (obviously) and was talking about not going. I got a wee bit over heated and hung up on him - twice. My emotions are a little the edge so to speak. I anger or cry easily and I did both.

2 weeks today.

Well I think I'll end this post now before it becomes a novel. I'm sitting beside an open window and I can hear a voice from the fair grounds. It's the annual town fair. We normally go to the car derby at night, I wonder if we will tonight?

I was supposed to maybe bring my car in for my dad's mechanic to look at but he never called me back to confirm it. I think he forgot. He's gonna feel extremely bad but most like the mechanic was going to be busy with fair issues since he has a few cars in the derby tonight. As long as my car doesn't go kaput on me I guess it's okay.

Really I'm ending this entry now. Buh bye.

1:30 p.m. - 2005-09-17


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