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Last one until I'm a Mrs.....

Today will probably be the last day I update for a while. I have that wedding thing going on so you know it may get kind of busy.

2 weeks off work. I am so looking forward to this!

I'm feeling kind of out of sorts right now and I'm not sure why. When I walked into work today I walked past a few co-workers who when they saw me said not to come over. Which means they are most likely doing something for me. But now this has left me with a sense of anticipation. At first I thought I would be going out to lunch with them but I'm on a different lunch hour and they've left for lunch. That will teach me to anticipate something! It's probably a card that the team is signing to wish me the best or something. But now that I expect something they damn well better do something! Anything. They can't leave me hanging like this - it's not right!

Yah so tonight and tomorrow are going to be insanely busy for Keith and I. We're both dealing with very messy apartments. He has to finish cleaning out all his closets and throwing out junk and make his apartment organized for guests tomorrow night. I have to pack up most of my stuff and get it ready to be moved tomorrow. Keith's boss is loaning us his truck to do the move so we can move my bed and dresser and a few other heavy items. I have to make sure they can track through the apartment to get to the heavy stuff without tripping over crap that's not going yet.

I imagine I'm going to be very tired tomorrow. If I could sleep in and not worry about anything it might be okay but instead I have my trial hair updo tomorrow so I imagine I'll be freaking out about that.

I plan on concentrating on the move and the move only this weekend and worry about wedding stuff Monday. I'll see if that works.

Now I’m freaking out about jewelry of all things. I'm not a jewelry gal but I guess I'm supposed to wear some with my dress. I saw a necklace a few months back when I was shopping with T. It was gorgeous and we both agreed that it would go great with my dress. So she told me that she'd talk to Keith about it and give him a nudge…..that nudge never happened (why do I believe her when she says these things!). I cryptically spoke to Keith last night about his gift to the bride and he still hasn't got what he's thinking about but did confirm it's not jewelry. Now I'm stumped. Do I go out and buy myself something? Ack! I guess I'll wait till my mom comes down and run it by her. But I also have to make sure whatever I wear doesn't irritate my skin too badly as there's nothing worse than a bride with a rash. Pretty pictures!

I can write about this stuff even though Keith has his computer up and running since he's a tad busy to come and read my ramblings which works out perfectly for me.

Well the good news is I haven't thought of running away from the wedding. Although I'll have to see and hear about what happened at his bachelor party tomorrow night to confirm that statement for sure!

From a Ms to a Mrs in 8 days. Goodbye Single Life….it's been fun.

1:41 p.m. - 2005-09-23


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