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Gettin' hitched - part one

What's that saying about the best made plans? Yah so getting married is completely chaotic just in case you're wondering.

After I left work on Friday (oh yah I did get a gift from the co-workers - a photoframe - in the frame was the scary picture of me at my 'surprise' shower they threw for me a few weeks ago)I went home and packed until I couldn't pack anymore. Saturday I went for my hair trial which turned out great and the hairdresser loved T and I because we're so much fun. Afterwards I tried to preserve my 'do' but moving put a kibosh on that. Although I did manage to keep it half decent since T and I decided to get our drink on and then head to the country bar (the boys were having their 'bachelor' party and I was not going to sit at home alone!). T and I ended up walking to the bar (it's not close!) but halfway there had to make a pitstop - too much booze will do that - so we stopped at Keith's just as the boys were heading into cabs to go to the nudie bar. T and I finally made it to the bar and we both had way to much to drink - mostly free drinks - yah I wore the vail one last time. We made it home sometime around 3:30am after T made some european man fall in love with her.

Sunday we recuperated and I got to hear stories about my boy at the strippers. Tsk tsk on him. Let's just say he's lucky I didn't have my bachlorette party after hearing about his!

The whole packing during the weekend and then concentrating on the wedding for the rest of the week didn't happen -at all. The move consumed every ounce of my time and energy. My mom came down Tuesday and we spent the week packing and cleaning. It was absolutely insane. On Thursday my couch and chair were taken away which was also my mom's bed. Rather than sleep on the 2 airmattresses I own she wanted to just sleep on one. I love my mom dearly but lord does that woman snore! At one point in the middle of the night I grabbed my pillow and went to the living room floor - no blanket - nuthin' underneath me. I didn't really sleep but at least her snoring wasn't so loud. Needless to say I had a very bad sleepless night and wasn't too sunshiny the next morning. My mom did feel super bad about it so I downplayed it for her. In the insanity of the moving the manicure my mom and I got on Wednesday (along with a facial and pedicure) had been ruined. So we called and booked a touch up appointment for me that afternoon. The next few hours were some of the most stressful and frustrating of my life. Too much stuff and not enough time. My dad came down and helped move some stuff but Keith and I ended up finishing the move and even then I had to bugger off to get my nails done so it was all left on Keith's shoulders. The nerves were strung high that day. Oh and somewhere during the week I lost my keys. Luckily my car keys weren't attached but all the keys to my apartment were. I handed in Keith's set and I'm hoping this will be okay until I (hopefully) find my keys and hand them in to the landlord. We also ran out of space for 2 pieces - tv stand and microwave stand. My last resort was to leave a note on my friend P's door asking him to hold them for me until I can figure out what to do with them. I'm hoping T will take them in until my parents are down next and can store them at her place.

Well the boy is up so I gotsta go which is okay since the last week or so is too long to sum up in one entry!

11:04 a.m. - 2005-10-05


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