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Part 2 and it's LONG one!

Okay where was I? Oh yah, I left a note on P's door but have yet to hear from him via email so I'm hoping he took the two pieces in - especially the tv stand.

Keith finished the move by himself while I got my nails redone for free which was a nice bonus. We then headed to the hotel and Keith helped check me in and then took off to pickup the tux's with his men. The rest of the evening went in a blur. I was rushing around trying to get my girls' gifts together and write thank you cards to them all. The photographer showed up and at first I was a little put off as she seemed rather short - temper wise not height. But thank goodness that didn't turn out to be the case she was an amazing woman. At the rehearsal of the ceremony I requested to my dad that Keith and I didn't say our vows. Afterwards we all headed off to dinner. The dinner turned out to be rather chaotic as well but all in all everyone got fed and had a good time.

My groom to be and I parted ways and the girls and I went back to the hotel to finish up all the loose ends. My aunt and my mom worked on the ceremony room which turned out absolutely amazing - it was beautiful.

We all headed to bed somewhere after midnight. I wanted to spend the night by myself since I hadn't in a week or so plus I just needed my own space. Surprisingly I slept pretty well. No cold feet or last minute bridal nerves. The next morning came way too early and I was up by 8. After a bite to eat the girls headed to the hairdressers - half way there I realized we forgot my veil so we had to head back to get it. I got my hair and make up done - but I wasn't all that thrilled with the make up girl. She didn't have waterproof mascera (duh!) and didn't give a small sample of the lipstick to reapply for later.

The next few hours seemed to fly by and go way to slow all at the same time. We did have one minor crisis. After we took the lunch order I was looking for my mom who told my sil that she would be right back she was dropping something off at the front desk. Half an hour went by and no mom. I called the lady she went to see and she had been and gone. This time my family and I started to get nervous it wasn't like my mom to wander. My older brother started searching the inn, then I joined him along with my niece and nephew who came with me. My dad found out what we were doing and he also started to panic. Next thing I know he went to the car to look for mom up and down the road. I called her room one more time and guess who answered? Man was I upset. It was most likely I was a little to on edge and thus the over emotional response. But as I told my mom, she has a medical condition, it's been a stressful week and she never even called when she said she'd be right back! My family is a bit overprotective of eachother. As it turned out some relatives had come and she went to their room to check in with them. Later I found out she felt bad for causing me so much worry.

3:15pm there I stood in my wedding gown while the photographer took pre wedding photos of the girls getting ready.

3:55 it finally hit me - I was getting married!

3:59 I started to cry when my mom and older brother kissed me and wished me good luck.

4:00 I walked down the aisle and married my very handsome boy.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. My dad cried. My voice didn't shake at all when I spoke which surprised me very much. I did almost cry but luckily my nephew provided comic relief. He hadn't wanted to walk down the aisle right before the ceremony so his dad had to bribe him that he would take away his car that they had bought that morning. At the ceremony my nephew stook there uninterested and then finally sat down on the floor. The next time I looked down he was asleep at our feet! Keith didn't cry at the ceremony either but I expected that. I think part of me was afraid to cry cause of the stupid non-waterproof mascera I had on. But I did sweat buckets during the whole thing - air con or no.

The photos seemed to go well although I'll be on pins and needles till I see them from the photographer. Sometimes I'm not the most photogenic.

Our reception went great. As is tradition to get the bride and groom to kiss I made the guests have to sing a Michael Bolton song since I knew I was pretty much the only fan in the room. My younger brother knew a few since he and I hung out a lot during the hard core phase of my MB years. Also my older brother cheated by going to the computer in the lobby and handing out songs! But it wasn't too bad plus my boy and I really didn't mind the smooching. It was only my damn veil that was a nuisance. I kept sitting on it thus pulling my head back so it took me forever to sit and stand each time. But I'm proud to say that I did not spill one drop of food or liquid on my gown! I have never eaten so carefully in my life.

By the time the 'first song' was played most people were either out smoking or off somewhere. My moh kept disappearing with her husband for large periods of time quite frequently unfortunately I don't think they were gettin' romantic but rather gettin' stoned. Or he didn't want to be there anymore cause only she kept coming back.

A couple of songs later it was time for the father and daughter dance. It was 'Dance with Me Daughter of Mine" by John McDermott. My dad had really wanted me to play that song. During the song my dad told me how proud of me he was and how him and my mom would always be there for me and Keith. He had tears running down his cheeks the whole time thus I started to cry. When the song ended my dad wrapped me in his arms and held me so tight. I wrapped my arms around him and held on and started to cry in earnest - mascara be damned.

The rest of the evening was tear free and we boogied our butts off. Oh I almost forgot about the speeches. When it was Keith's and my turn to stand up and thank everyone. I gave the mic to Keith who did an excellent job thanking everyone. He then handed me the mic and I went to thank our parents for everything they have done for us but no sooner were the words out of my mouth that my voice broke and I couldn't say anymore for fear of bursting into tears.

The night ended at midnight as per our contract and it wasn't a moment to soon. We were having a great time but were dead tired and I was looking forward to the jacuzzi tub awaiting us upstairs. We helped clean up a few things and then my new hubby and I headed up to our bridal suite.

We had an excellent time in the jacuzzi tub for two it was absolute bliss. We both had aching feet and the tub helped soothe while we gave eachother a mini foot rub. After the bath I got changed into my 'lingerie' - don't worry I'm not going to recount it step by step but I did make sure Keith and I were in the 23% percent range of making sure we 'did the deed' on our wedding night. I had to make sure things started off on the right foot!

The next morning came way too early. We met up with most people who stayed the night before to have breakfast. Afterwards we had an impromptu gift opening in our suite. Afterwards everyone packed their respective cars, checked out and headed our seperate ways. Keith and I made a pit stop at his place to drop off some stuff and then hit the roads to Niagara Falls for a short honeymoon. We had our first meal out as a married couple at Wendy's which somehow fits for us.

While in NF we did a LOT. On the Sunday evening we had an expensive dinner next door to the hotel then went down to walk the strip at Clifton Hill. We played a game of mini putt which I won thanks to my mini putt coach. Afterwards we walked through the Ripley's Believe it or Not building which took us almost an hour and a half. After that we headed back to the hotel for some heartshape hot tub action.

On Monday we started the day off with lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe then we headed off for an afternoon of fun. We went for a helicopter ride, an aero car ride, the Hershey store (note to self SHARE milkshake and cookie do NOT have one each!). We walked a lot and went on a 4d ride. We then went back to the hotel to relax and unwind then headed to a restaurant we had passed a lot but never found the time to go to. It was a bit more classy than we'd normally go to but it turned out to be a great place - and I made up for not spilling a drop on myself at the wedding. Afterwards we headed back to the strip (we found free parking after 8pm and made good use of it). We played more mini golf but my coach wasn't so helpful this time and I didn't win the game. We walked down to the falls and took some more pictures and then we headed back to our hotel room for our last night with the tub.

After check out on Tuesday morning we had our normal quarrel about what to eat - it was too early for lunch but Keith doesn't do breakfast we finally ended up at Burger King at 10:50. I thought lunch started at 10:30 but they were still serving bk although their clockes were off by at least 10 minutes and we weren't the only customers to notice this. After a lousy meal we headed down to the Falls to go on the Maid of the Mist boat ride. I almost lost a contact but managed to save it. Afterwards we stopped at Hooters to have some lunch - neither of us have ever been. Kind of a let down but we figured it's probably a night time thing to do. Afterwards we headed out of town to go find horses for a trail ride we wanted to go on. We finally found it and headed out for an hour's ride. The first half hour was a little awkward but after a while it felt natural. Of course my stomach and butt weren't feeling so natural this morning!

After the horses we hit the highway home. Unfortunately we hit the wrong one. While Keith dozed I drove.... following the highway we got on, little did I know we weren't on the right one. But we decided it wouldn't be a proper trip to the Falls if we didn't get lost on the way home!

We got home yesterday early evening and spent the next while worrying about a parking space for me. The house we were hoping to ask a spot from had a woman who didn't speak english answer the door. We called the church across the street and finally succeeded in securing a spot for my car for $40 a month. The only bad thing is I can't see it from the apartment. Gulp.

We had a meal of subs for dinner since the kitchen is buried in my stuff. That night around 10 I started feeling really upset. My stomach was heaving. I almost tossed my cookies but instead spent the night feeling horrible.

Today I felt much better thank goodness. Keith and I spent the day running around getting my name changes done and sending off our passports so we can go away in November.

And now here I sit with crap all around me unable to unpack since my boy is sleeping and needs to go to work in a few minutes. I think I'll be heading to bed for a goods night rest without feeling ill.

Well this probably has to be my longest entry of all time. But I needed to get everything down since my memory tends to drop details as time goes by!

And these are details I definately don't want to be forgetting!

10:08 p.m. - 2005-10-05


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