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Oktoberfest Highlights

Let me start by saying that just as I typed in the last word of this entry the computer mouse fell and as I went to catch it I clicked the x and closed the screen and lost this entry! But thanks to my highlighting and copying it minutes before I began to edit it I only lost a few words - whew!!!


It feels like the middle of the night right now. That's what a night of Oktoberfest fun does to a gal!

Let's see a re-cap of my weekend:

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn okay maybe a few hours later than that but it just isn't right that I didn't even bother to turn off my alarm but rather keep it set for said weekend morning. Why so early? Well T decided to make her hair appointment at 8:45 in the morning. I invited myself along because I couldn't live with my bangs the way they were another day longer. They were seriously f'd up. Each day I tried something new they looked worse. Yah so apparently bang trims are complimentary although it took some digging to find that gem out! Finally some guy with great hair came to my rescue, trimmed my bangs and gave me some advice for the future. I think it was worth no sleep I'll let you know Monday when I have another round with the bangs.

The rest of Saturday was spent shopping. A lot of shopping. Not so much buying but a lot of looking and trying on shoes and clothes. I also managed to finally pick up the 2 pieces of furniture I left at P's house with T's help. I did try and lay down for an hour at T's while we waited for people to show up but was only successful in being in that half awake half dream place for the hour.

Eventually everyone arrived - there were 8 of us going. We still had 2 spare tickets and T found a friend to take one let's call her Talky cause that's all she did all night! Sober or drunk she never shut up. We ended up with one spare ticket which was okay.

We luckily had 2 sober people to drive us all to the hall. Of course none of us had ever been to the hall and we spent a lot of time driving around looking for this place. Finally we found a cab and I ran out to ask him directions. A few minutes later we were there. Once we flagged down the other car - thank God for cell phones - we all headed inside to one of the scariest places a person can be. It was a building full of drunk university students. I didn't feel old rather I felt ancient! My buzz had left me by then so I had to build it back up this time with beer (ick!). But the night turned out to be fun - having a group of fun friends does that. Our 2 sober drivers left around 11 and then even more fun ensued. I even got my boy to polka with me! I didn't even have to cajole him like I normally have to. Every time my boy went to the washroom or anywhere by himself he got hit on. The cross I have to bear for marrying a cutie. It also helped that he was wearing a huge hat in the shape of a mug on his head that said BEER. At one point some guy offered to buy my Oktoberfest hat for $50. I've been collecting pins and buttons on it since I've been going the last 6 years or so. Of course I told him it was priceless (that and he didn't look like he had 2 nickels to rub togehter).

The lights came on at 1:00 and that was our first inkling the night was over. A few fights broke out, and we couldn't find Talky anywhere. Never did find out where she had been but when we found her she was holding 2 full cups of beer - which was impressive cause they stopped serving half an hour before that. After chugging the beer with some help from others we left the fest hall and spent the next hour walking a few blocks - drunk people have short term memories. We had called a cab but were told it would be over 45 minutes till we could get one. As we were sitting outside a Pizza joint while people with small bladders went to pee a mini van pulled up and asked if we needed a drive. I guess he was a volunteer for some kind of Ride Program that got drunk people home safely and made sure they weren't driving. He didn't have a charge it was voluntary but I think he got about 25 bucks off us which was pretty sweet.

We got home and started drinking again -but I was a smart cookie and started drinking water instead. We devoured the few snacks we had thought to buy earlier in the day - chips and bagel bites. Everyone still had the munchies so they ordered some pizzas. During this Talky was still talking and at one point was crying about her relationship (it's not a night of drinking without someone crying!). T went outside with her to talk and of course they ended up chatting with 2 guys walking by. I met them but only heard what happened the next morning since as I laid on the couch and someone mentioned the pizza my stomach started to heave and I knew it was time to pass out. So I quietly crept away upstairs and laid down on the bed around 3 or 3:30. A few hours later my boy came up and everyone headed off to bed.

Everyone was up way too early this morning - 10am. T had a breakfast waiting for us - coffee and a huge plate of baccon. Um yah.

The other couple who stayed the night left shortly after bk - Keith and I left an hour or so later after watching some tv and mustering up the energy to head home back to our apartment o' boxes.

As scary as we looked the morning after we actually stopped and did some grocery shopping since I needed food for my lunches - back to chicken and salads for me!

Although funny story - Keith cooked the chicken on the bbq and once it was done he tried a small piece and found out - he used his super hot oil to soak the chicken in! Woo! Chicken that's too hot for me to eat! But rather than waste this chicken on my hubby I'm gonna try and eat it. I did have a piece for lunch - dipped in sour cream -along with my spicy taters (those I forgot were spicy!). So far so good.

Keith has gone down for a nap - I tried to sleep a little but my husband's snoring and my weird guilty conscience thingy about napping kicked in so I had to get up after an hour of trying to sleep. And that brings me to where I am right now. Sitting in front of the computer ignoring the mess around me. I've now come to the conclusion that the bottom line is there is not enough room for all the stuff. I can't hang my clothes up cause the bedroom closet is filled with boxes and those boxes can't be unpacked cause there's no room. It's a vicious cycle and I'm not seeing the end. The next time we head down to my parents I'm going to try and take some more boxes down - but the car will only take 2 or 3 especially with our luggage.

Ah well...plenty o'time to dig ourselves out of the chaos that is our apartment - especially with the break in early November for our honeymoon in the Dominican that we booked last week! Hah cha cha!

Oh and one more thing of note - I didn't puke! This must be the first Oktoberfest that I didn't hurl the next morning. Can this be? Can I be getting smarter in my old age? Hmmm?

7:09 p.m. - 2005-10-16


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