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Feeling kind of ranty

Wow an entry in the middle of the week -neato.

I've got dishpan hands. I just finished doing a butt load of dishes. 3 days worth to be exact. It's been a busy week. I finally unpacked my work clothes and even managed to hang them up in the closet. Of course a bunch of boxes got displaced and are now sitting everywhere but hey at least I can get dressed in the mornings a little easier!

Tonight we went to the laundromat and did 4 double loads of laundry - yah it's been a while for us. Then I rushed home grabbed my swimming stuff and went and met T. Of course this week we did more talking than swimming. The one night that I indulged and had Burger King for dinner. Ah well. I've been doing the points thing again with WW. I figured I'm paying for it and I'm sick of listening to myself bitch about how much weight I've gained and how tight my clothes are. All talk and no action. Plus listening to C and T go on about how 'loose' their clothes are makes me want to bitch slap them both so I figure it's better to join them. I still haven't got my gym thing figured out yet. The tards at my gym don't know what they're doing so I have no idea how much I owe. It's just a hassle. It's bad enough getting myself motivated to go to the gym but knowing that I have to deal with a new bimbo at the front counter who always can't help me and has to call someone who can is just something that doesn't help matters. Another excuse? Maybe.

I definately gotta make a call tomorrow and put on my bitching shoes enough is enough I'm paying for this damn place!

Whoa got a little carried away with the ranting.

I watched a guy get a ticket today from a cop. He crossed the railway tracks while the arms were down. I thought the cop would give him a warning but nope he wrote him a ticket. The train was changing tracks and going slow as molasses the cop was such a dick.

Well it's my bedtime. The bitchy rants will end now.

10:40 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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