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Happiness is.....

I have a grin from ear to ear. I feel like laughing and crying. I *finally* finished watching Sex and the City - last episode of season 6. I broke down and rented the last season since buying it is a little pricy right now. It's scary how the show can make me feel so good. And plus? I loved finding out Mr. Big's name - finally! I am so behind the times it ain't funny!

Well besides the happy feelings that show just envoked what else is new?

Today was damn chaotic at work. I had training in the morning and then the afternoon was just insane with coverage issues and trying to plan a baby shower for my co-worker for TOMORROW! Talk about last minute surprises! All that wouldn't have been so bad if I had gotten some real sleep last night! For some reason I couldn't sleep and my back kept getting progressively sorer as I layed in bed until finally around 1:30 in the morning I got up and took some pills. I think my back was sore from the gym on Monday and 'extracricular' activities with my hubby.

Speaking of the hubby he was also trying to sleep due to a shift in work hours for the next few days. He didn't succeed in sleeping at all. He's snoring away happily as I type this. I should be in bed also but a damn episode of CSI Las Vegas just came on! Addictions aren't pretty I tell ya.

I also found out some disturbing news today. The hubby finally got the result of his taxes. He - or should I make that we now - owe a LOT of money. Almost $8000 to be exact. Yah aren't I just loving that! It was nice knowing you my 'stuff' see you in a few years when I unpack you in a dwelling with more than 1 bedroom!

So I booked a hair cut for this weekend. I'm giving up on growing the bangs out. I just can't do it. I look like a dork. I can't go to the Dominican and come back with horrid pictures of me with my crazy hair - the chubbiness is already enough to make me cringe! I'm uber paranoid about the wedding pic's. We were supposed to get them back within a couple of weeks after the wedding but have yet to hear anything of them. I told Keith last night I'm afraid that they turned out so bad the photographer can't bring herself to tell us! I wish I was joking.

So this weekend is gonna be the Halloween party weekend. I didn't plan on doing anything but tonight at swimming T mentioned going out. Keith will probably be sleeping so it looks like I gotta get myself a costume. Not looking forward to that.

Well I should probably force myself to stop watching this show now and go to bed. To bed I said. Goodnight.

10:51 p.m. - 2005-10-26


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