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Seeds, seeds and more seeds

So here it is Sunday night already. What am I doing? Why roasting pumpkin seeds of course! Every year I forget how to do it. I mean I know the basics but I can never remember the temp or for how long. I looked it up on the world wide web and found quite the variety of answers so yah I still have no point of reference. I did read about putting butter or oil down on the sheet first - I don't think I've ever done this before. I decided to try some oil but the boy has yet to mark his bottles - the plain oil and the stupidly hot oil - although I could try the smell test but I just thought of that now and the seeds have been cooking for a bit. Maybe I'll try it with the 2nd batch. Yah that's right I have more than one batch to make - yeehaw!

Now let's see if I can recall my weekend and how I spent my time. Hmm. Friday night I spent the night running some errands and trying to avoid the gym but alas I ran out of errands and forced myself to workout. And workout I did for an hour and a half! Yah surprised me too. After that excitement I got home, had some din, watched some CSI and was in bed by 11:30.

Saturday I was up at 9:30 and out of the door by 10:15 with T to go to my hair appointment. I think I like my new 'do'. She put a lot of layers in it. Then as something different she straightened it. But now I'm thinking that I like it straight better than my natural curls! Mother F'er! Ah well. At least the bangs are trimmed and I don't look like a slob anymore. I'm sure work will be pleased.

After a day of shopping fun T, Keith and I spent the rest of the afternoon carving her 4 pumpkins (ah the mystery of all the pumpkin seeds has been solved!). Afterwards Keith took off to go home and sleep and T and I settled down to do some serious drinking. Of course we probably shouldn't have inhaled pizza before doing so cause it takes a LOT to get drunk.

**first batch just came out of the oven but I won't know how they taste until they cool**

Yah so our attempt at getting our drunk on failed miserbly. As did my attempt to attach 'scars' to my body. Yah I had 2 slit wrists and a neck slash. I have no idea what I was going for in the costume department but I'm not all that creative and really wasn't feeling the halloween 'vibe'. Yah so after I salvaged my scars by using fake skin and blood (which totally rocked by the way) we walked to a nearby bar and found it deader than dead so we called a cab and headed to the country bar. It was a typical night at the bar with T thrown in with some halloween extravaganza fun. We, of course, closed down the bar. Good times. I drank beer. Nuff said.

Today I slept in till 11 (but really 10 cause of the time change), got dropped off by T only to go back to her place an hour later to help her shut down her pool. But I got a suitcase out of it - she loaned me hers for my trip to the Dominican in 6 days - woop!

The rest of the day Keith and I spent the afternoon running errands and enjoyed spending time with eachother since this week was a tad hectic. I love it when he says he misses me. Mushy I know.

Well it's now time for me to go and carve my pumpkin and get me some more seeds!

Oh yah - the verdict on batch one of the seeds? Well cooked but a tad salty (I thought I overdid it with the salt but I'm super paranoid about not having enough!).

Time for batch 2!

7:44 p.m. - 2005-10-30


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