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Up, up and away

I wrote an entry yesterday but didnít post it. It felt a little too vulnerable. A little too out there. I guess somethingís are better left unwritten.

In other non-vulnerable news the countdown is on. And Iím no longer counting down days now it is hours! Less than 12 hours baby till Iím on the highway to the airport. Iím probably the most nervous about getting there than anything else. Last night on the way to Tís to watch Survivor the car did that Ďsputterí thing where it sounds and feels like itís going to stall. It did this once before back around Thanksgiving. I told the car it just had to get us there and could break down on the way back from the vacation. Letís hope my car loves me enough to do what I ask.

Yah so Iím pretty much packed. We had a Ďluggageí issue earlier in the week. Apparently when I measured the suitcase T has loaned me it was bigger than the airline website allowed. I was bitterly disappointed Ė this was my first suitcase with wheels and everything! So I called the airline and found out much to my delight that the size was the Ďpreferredí size only, it was more the weight theyíre concerned with. Of course in weighing it last night Iím one pound under what they give as the limit. But then Keith told me that they combine our bags and if need be I can use whateverís left of his 44 pound limit. I am now so glad that men pack lighter than women! Such a clichť I know. I feel like such a newbie writing all that. Of course I am if you think about it. Iíve only flown once and that was like 10 years ago! I get nervous just thinking about the plane ride. My biggest concern is that Keith and I sit together. The last time I went on a plane I was separated from my then boyfriend and it was my first time ever flying Ė not a fun experience! Plus, címon now weíre Ďhoneymoonersí we have to sit together!

I searched high and low for my discman but itís buried in a pile of boxes. I guess Iíll have to take my Ipod. Why is the Ipod my second choice you ask? Well you see I canít change the songs that are on there cause Keithís computer is being held hostage by Future Shop (seriously itís been almost 2 months!) and his back up computer isnít compatible for the software needed. So alas I must listen to the same olí songs that have been on it for over 2 months now. I know the hardships. But donít worry I brought tons of books, and a few magazines to pass the time Ė Iíll survive somehow.

In an act of rebellion from all the chocolate Iíve been eating my face has broken out in a million zits. Although oddly enough I weighed myself this morning and was down 3 pounds. But then Keith burst my bubble and told me that the scale I used is never accurate Ė he just couldnít let me live the dream huh? But to my credit I have been eating super healthy this week Ė a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and then a HUGE fruit bowl that I nosh on throughout the day. So, really anything is possible with the weight. All I know is that eating healthy makes me feel really good and not so gross. I feel full but not a gross Ďughí full. I didnít go to the gym once this week though. Just to much to do each evening preparing for this trip. And I seriously doubt Iíll lose any weight at an all inclusive resort! If anything Iíll come back heavier than ever!

I love how Iím typing away about Ďnon-essentialí things when the whole time I have this one thought floating in the back of my head and Iím afraid to write about it.

Here goes. Iím afraid to fly. Not as in phobia. But as in dying. I know the odds of something happening in the air are less than on the ground but to have no feeling of control while in the air is hard to deal with. Plus at least on the ground you donít have to worry about the landing if youíre falling! I went through this last time I flew too. I really really hope Iím worrying for nothing. I really donít want it to be my time to go yet.

*shake off that negative feeling!

Alrighty then, with that I think I will end this entry. I hope to come back to a sea of red when I log onto diaryland in a week Ė lots of updates to read! I took the Monday off so I have a day to recuperate and do nothing!


2:00 p.m. - 2005-11-04


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