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A lazy Sunday afternoon

I want to write an entry but it seems that I can't put two sentences together right now. Plus this new keyboard which is pretty funky is just a little off and I keep making mistakes!

Anywho I've had a pretty good weekend. I was in a parade yesterday. T's company had a float in the parade and invited me to come along since Keith would be sleeping. The only drawback? T's mom picked me up at 6:30am! I thought it would be 7am so when I woke up at 6:20 checked my messages and found out I only had 10 minutes to get ready well let's just say speed and I became fast friends. But it all worked out. The parade was a blast. It was cool to be behind the scenes. I've been in parades before but not since I was a kid. I did a lot of smiling and waving - who knew your hands could get sore from waving too much? I was dropped off back at home around 1pm and was surprised to find Keith up and cleaning - yes cleaning! While he moved around boxes and heavy stuff I did the dishes and cleaned out the fridge - which was VERY disgusting. It turns out that it hasn't really been cleaned out in years - yah he was a confirmed bachelor. But the fridge is clean, the boxes have been cleared from the bedroom and the hall is walkable! Life is looking up. The living room is still a disaster but one step at a time. We made some very good progress this weekend.

That evening we headed to watch a night parade in the next town over. It was our first. The traffic was insane. We found a place to park and got to the parade just as it started. It was so packed we had to stand back quite far from the street. I did see T's float go by with her on it but she was looking away as they passed - go figure! We couldn't leave till I saw Santa (yah I'm a kid at heart). We had been there for about an hour and a half and the cold was starting to penetrate when finally in the distance what did I see? The jolly old man with the white beard - close enough for me - off we went to the car to fight the traffic and get home.

We stopped halfway home to get a bite to eat at our soon to be ex favourite fast food place Wendy's. That place has totally gone down hill. It's just insane. The service is so bad now. We hoped it had been just a few off times but now whenever we go it's the same bad service.

I'm tired. I tried staying up last night to watch SNL but fell asleep. I was up at 9 this morning and have so far done nothing. We're supposed to do laundry but Keith is still asleep so I'm not sure when that's gonna happen, but it definately has to if ya know what I mean.

Oh wait I did do something this morning. I went through 315 photos on the computer. Not bad. Only 170 more to go through. Those are of course wedding photos. We picked up our package Friday evening. We got a large wedding album with 4 large pictures, a mini album with 100 small pictures and 4 discs with all 400+ photos.

Well the laziness is overtaking me. I'm either gonna nap or wake up the boy.

I still plan on writing about our Dominican Honeymoon but I want to be in the right kind of mood when I write it.

sleepy time. ciao.

1:15 p.m. - 2005-11-20


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