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Saturday laziness & dark hair

What to say what to say? Not much is new. I have a new hair color. I'm a brunette now. Since I only did this last night I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Give me a few days to live with it then I'll let you know.

So it's Saturday. I was originally supposed to be shopping today with T. We had made tentative plans. I'm not sure if she's blown me off (which I've seen her do with others so yah I can belive she's done that to me) or if she's with her mom cause she's going through a dog crisis and they're both crazy about their canines. Yah so here I sit.

I'm kind of torn about what to do. I had a sweet 9.5 hour sleep. I dreamt wild crazy dreams and I love that. I got up a bit before 10 and then watched Felicity - apparently the last episode of season 1 so of course I'm dying to see Season 2! I am so behind the times. So yah after watching that I started doing the butt load of dishes that have piled up in the last 3 days. I'm on the second set - the pots and pans are "soaking" right now.

Yah so after that fun I'm not sure what I want to do. I know I could easily sit here and waste the afternoon till Keith got up - not hard to do at all. Part of me wants to shop like I was supposed to with T. But I'm not really feeling the shopping vibe and plus I got a taste of the mall last night and I am not looking forward to fighting the crowds especially since I'd be wandering and that's only fun in empty stores.

Yah so last night we went to the mall to make some pictures

**** update - just this minute spoke to T. She's hungover. I laughed and told her that's the story of her life! I think we're gonna go shopping in a little while. I guess that takes away the whole 'what do I feel like doing today' question.***

And of course I sealed the deal by making her all excited to see my new dark hair colour.

Anyway back to the mall last night. We went to Walmart to make some pictures to put in our thank you cards. Yah we still haven't sent them - my bad. We made some but they turned out so small! Ah well. As long as I get them out soon I'll be fine. I never did send out my bridal shower thank you's - I am so bad at this stuff! The picture we picked to put in the cards was hard to choose. I couldn't find just one that I was overly thrilled with. I'm not saying they're bad but I can't seem to find one that a) I'm not 'glistening' in b) Keith doesn't have his eyes half closed or c)I'm smiling like a goof! Fun times.

Let's see what else. We didn't have Survivor Thursday this week. Due to the weather. It was mighty crappy out and we decided to stay in. Keith and I went through a bit of an intimacy issue. We haven't done the deed since we've been back from our honeymoon. We've been busy, tired etc. So on Thursday we kept starting and stopping but never followed through then we both lost interest. Not even married 2 months so that's not good. While Keith sort of napped I left the room and then of course started to cry. He came out and we talked about it and then just cuddled. Of course before he left for work that night we finally got it right and it was awesome. Then last night when I got home from work I pulled the moves on him and had my way with him. Of course he's all about the bj lately. He's like a starving man if he goes without one for too long. Of course it is kinda flattering that he's always going on about getting them. Alright enough tooting my own horn.

I started re-reading my diary recently. For some reason when I read about the break up with J I have all these emotions I experience. I can almost remember the intense pain I felt at the time. I remember how crippled it left me at the time. It's almost like reading a favourite novel and rooting for the heroine to get over the evil bad guy who broke her heart. It's nice to know that she does.

I haven't heard from J since my brother's wedding. Which is okay by me.

Back to the photos for a moment - I think I do have a favourite photo of us. There is one where Keith is 'dipping' me and we're smiling at eachother. That was a fun moment. The photo lady told Keith to dip me and I was like uh-uh he can't dip me I'm too heavy! But I had to trust him and we're laughing and looking into eachother's eyes and it's just such a fun photo. But I thought it would be too different to put in with my thank you cards. Ah well.

I think I better end this entry now. I've gotta get myself showered, dressed and finish those dishes. Not to mention grab a bite to eat. I think T will be by in about an hour to go out. Fun shopping times - hopefully! Crowds be gone!

11:29 a.m. - 2005-11-26


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