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Reflections and the verdict on the new hair color

Well I should be writing my thank you cards right now. Iím at reception for the day. I started them yesterday afternoon and actually got about 10 done Ė go me! But this morning before I started work I exchanged keyboards so I wonít feel like my pinkyís are gonna fall off at the end of the day by using the compact keyboard thatís normally at reception.

Writing an entry during the week is pretty much impossible. Work is too busy and then at home Keith is on the computer playing his computer games. Iíll usually try and watch tv with him while he does that but the noise from the game drives me insane so I usually end up in the bedroom watching the tv which I find more comfy anyway so I guess it works. Although in re-reading my diary I do miss the days that we used to sit with the tv off and just chat and whatnot Ė it was nice.

Yah so speaking of the diary Iíve come to realize that thereís running themes throughout the years Ė mainly men and my weight. The man thing has been solved (knock on wood!). Although it was strange cause I still canít believe that I went from being totally battered around in the love department (figuratively!) to walking down the aisle with this amazing guy who I met online! Crazy. But for me crazy fits. Yah the other issue I doubt will ever be resolved. I think Iíll always have problems with my weight and body image. I couldnít believe how much I worked out back then. I was going like 6 days a week for long periods of time. I was motivated Ė of course I was also single and that helps a lot! But I would like to get back into going on a regular basis Ė even 3 times a week would be acceptable these days! Although this is a bad time of year to try and make this happen. This week is definitely a write off. Tonight Iím heading to a co-workers after work for a tacky-gift get together. Then tomorrow weíve got things to do and then of course Survivor will be on. And on Friday weíre leaving around 2 or so to head to Kingston to visit my brother and sister in law for the weekend. Iím looking forward to that I just hope the weather co-operates.

I tentatively started x-mas shopping. An odd thing or here or there. There are just so many people to buy for (15 plus) there is a limit of $10 Ė 15 a person but I feel like everythingís been done Ė scarves, books, gloves, figurines etc. Everyone has enough clutter and I donít want to be adding to it. But I gotta start brainstorming cause time is ticking away.

So I think the verdict is in on the darker hair colour. Iím not digging it. Itís not that itís too dark but it just seems so flat. Thereís no shine to it. Plus when itís a little on the messy side it is so noticeable! At least with lighter hair it doesnít seem to stand out as much. I think the next time I dye it Iíll go a few shades lighter and maybe try and get a little more Ďshine to ití. People so far have been agreeable with the colour. At least itís good to shake things up once and a while. Try new things. Step out of the comfort zone. Can I get any more cheesy? Why yes, yes I can! But I wonít.

1:42 p.m. - 2005-11-30


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