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Life is a Highway and Iím gonna ride it all night longÖ..

An hour and a bit to go Ė woo! I love half days Ė a whole day off would be better but Iím not complaining. I didnít have to take any vacation time to leave early so thatís cool.

Iím outta here at 1:15. Then Iím truckiní on home to the hubby where weíll supposedly pack the car, grab some lunch and hit the highway. The supposedly stems from the fact that when I left for work at 8:15 this morning the hubby was still up and making cdís for our trip. I can only imagine what time he went to bed in which case when I get home grumpiness will definitely ensue! Ah well as long as he doesnít rain on my parade! Iím hyped up for this road trip. Itís been too long since weíve been anywhere. Plus Iím going to see my brother and his new wife so thatís always a blast and itís the first time weíll be visiting their dwelling.

Last night was so rushed. I got home to a sleeping husband Ė I finally woke him up at 5:30. We sat around for a bit and then my parents called and 40 minutes later I hung up! Then we kicked it into high gear cause we still had to hit the mall to find my brother a belated b-day gift and then hightail it over to Tís momís for Survivor! We shopped in record time. I couldnít decide what to get my brother but then I decided maybe some nice shirts would do the trick Ė heís a substitute teacher right now so Iím hoping this is a good gift. If not Iíll give them the receipt so they can return it and get what they want. I wonít take too much offence Ė heh.

Yah so we arrived at Tís moms place a little before 8. I felt bad for showing up so late but it couldnít be helped. Anyway we watched us some Survivor (which was AWESOME btw) and then had some din. Chicken with veggies. Man Tís mom always makes her food a little hot and last night wasnít any different. I guess Iím building up that tolerance! Afterwards even though we had talked about leaving at 9 before we got there we ended up watching the Apprentice. It would have been darn rude to eat and run. After the Apprentice we did hit the road cause we had a lot of stuff to do. As we left I got a small table with drawers out of Tís truck Ė she found it for me! I had been looking for a bedside table for a while now but I couldnít find anything I liked or within my price range. But this suits the purpose just fine. Keithís not too thrilled with it but I love it. It has deep drawers and enough room on the top for my glasses, water, Kleenex and remotes and it was free Ė who could ask for more!

Yah so once we got home Keith immediately got to work on the cheesecake weíre bringing to my bro and sil as an apartment warming gift Ė along with some wine! I packed for the trip and then did all our dishes. We also cleaned up a little more and I must say the living room is really coming together! I like it when Keith gets on the cleaning kick. He moves a lot of the boxes I canít move myself and plus heís the one who has to arrange them in the closets so when he gets in the mood like he has been for the last week or so itís great

Well I think Iíll go post this now and then read some other diaries for a while. I did have good intentions of writing more thank you notes but reception has been too busy for that. Not insane like earlier in the week but just enough that if I even thought of starting someone would come in. Ah well. I guess Iíll have to bite the bullet and bring them home to do!

Woo Ė less than an hour now! Highway here I comeÖÖ

12:16 p.m. - 2005-12-02


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