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Weekend wrap up

I'm tired. It's been a long weekend but a good one. We got away pretty much on time. We were driving down the road about 2:30 when Keith realized he had forgetten his wedding band (he takes it off to shower and sleep - yah don't ask). To my surprise he wanted to go back and get it - so we did. Then before we left town we made a pit stop to grab some lunch (subs). They were a tad messy to eat but I managed not to spill on myself which was a miracle cause I was wearing white. The subs weren't all that - the new chicken parmigana ones. Once we hit Toronto the traffic came to a complete stop and we crawled all the way through to Bowmanville. Once there thankfully it picked up. A while later my cell phone rang - it was my bro and sil - we went to answer it but suddenly that option was taken away from us - no network found.

I HATE SPRINT. Seriously they are so pissing me off. It's like the only guaranteed place to make and accept calls is my own home town! How freakin' retarded is that?! Yah so I'm phoning those be-atches up tomorrow and giving them an earful. We stopped at the next rest stop and I decided to call the bro and sil using my calling card - yah that's when I found out it was CANCELLED! Stupid, stupid sprint. And the only way they could re-activate it was to call me back at HOME. Um yah I'm 3 hours from there. Finally the bastards put me through to my bro and sil (I'm sure they'll add it to my bill for triple the rate). I touched base and let them know where we were so they could figure out how much longer we had. All in all the weather was pretty good for driving. We only hit one snowy patch for about 5 minutes and then poof it was clear again. 4 and a half hours later we were on the doorstep of my bro and sil.

Those 2 have to be the most fun to hang out with. We all get along so great. Keith and my brother are two pea's in a pod. The sil and I are getting better with the one-on-one thing. We've never really had a chance to experience that at great length. I bet if they lived closer we would have an awesome time!

Yah so after we got there we had dinner (roast beef with all the fixin's, topped with wine and cheesecake that we brought). After that we chilled out and decided to play a game - cranium. That game was addictive. Of course I learned something disturbing. We played in groups of 2 and whichever group I was in lost - I was the jinxed person to play with! Not a good feeling but what can ya do? We ended up playing quite a few games and snackin on muchies until finally bedtime called us around 2am. We slept till about 8, had a huge breakfast around 10 - bacon and egg sandwiches (mmm!). We lazed around for the rest of the morning then the guys got into a computer wrestling game at which point I slinked off to the bedroom and had myself a 2 hour snooze! Around 5 we all started to get ready to go out for dinner at an Irish Pub - the plan was to have dinner and then wait for the entertainment to start. We arrived at the pub around 6:30 and had an amazing dinner. It was one of the best meals. Not so much the food - just everything. The atmosphere, the company and the opportunity to order whatever we wanted prices be damned! We told my bro and sil we were paying for dinner and wouldn't let them talk us out of it. We ate and drank like kings it was awesome! Of course it was 8:30 and we were winding down, drinks just about done and realizing we still had an hour or more to kill before the entertainment. We changed our plans and decided to take our little party back home. Keith and I paid our $130 bill (with $40 forced on us by our hosts!) and then we hit the road back home.

We decided to play the new card game I gave my brother for his b-day - Boom-O. It was actually pretty fun. A little confusing at first and I totally could have won the first game but was a little fuzzy on what my cards meant so yah my brother ended up winning. After a few games of Boom-O we went back to our new all time fave game - Cranium. After a few rounds we ordered some pizza - have you guessed the theme of this weekend? If you said "Food" you would be correct - ding ding ding!

To add to it the pizza place got some items on our pizzas wrong so they ended up bringing us another pizza and crediting my bro and sil's account for a couple of dollars. We called it a night again around 2am. Of course because of my nap sleep wasn't really happening. Then because of my rapidly aging self the pizza kicked in and I had heart burn. I woke up about 6am tossed and turned on the uncomfy pull out couch and then finally got up and went to the living room to sit in the super comfy chair and read my magazine I had foreseen to bring. Just as I was getting sleepy again at 8am Keith got up for the day so I had the bed to myself and slept like the dead till 10:30.

Again we had another decadent breakfast of scrambled eggs, baccon, hash browns and mini croissants - very scrumptious and filling! We finally headed home around 2pm (2 hours later than we were planning and 5 pounds heavier I'm sure than I came with!).

The drive home was okay. Although the first hour we got stuck behind 3 snowplows along the 401 so we literally crawled. After that traffic picked up until Toronto where like normal we came to a standsill where the express and collectors meet. Keith managed to sleep pretty much the whole way home so the drive home was pretty boring.

Oh yah one funny side note to the weekend. This morning my bro and sil mentioned that the neighbours above them were getting it on when we went to bed last night. I had to restrain myself from looking at Keith cause um we were the ones who had some lovin' when we went to bed so I'm guessing the squeeking came from us - whoops.

Yah so to sum it all up. Good people. Good times. Good food. Great weekend! Now if only we could get them to move closer....

7:42 p.m. - 2005-12-04


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