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story time.

Story time…..picture it…Sicily…1929…..oh wait that’s not my story!

Picture it…. a cold winter’s eve, the air is crisp, it’s too cold for even snow. Two humans, a man and his wife, preparing for a night of errands jump into their still cold vehicle and proceed to leave their parking spot. The car seems ‘off’. A little heavy if you will. Something is not right. Once at the stop sign they decide to get out and scan the vehicle quickly. Their worst suspicions are confirmed……they have a flat tire.

Okay so I built that up a little but man having a flat tire on an extremely cold winter night is so not cool! It was the first flat for both of us. We slowly drove the car back to the parking lot cause we were on a one way road and we would have been blocking traffic otherwise. While Keith cleaned out the trunk (it’s been full since I moved) and dug out the donut tire I ran back to our place to grab us our outer layer for our coats and his hat then I found the car manual and read the instructions while he changed the flat. Lord but it was cold! We finally finished up and then went inside to make some calls. Everywhere was closed or closing soon. So we took off our outerwear and said goodbye to our productive night and stayed in. The good news being that I finally got my thank you cards 90% done (I’ve lost the rest of the envelopes for the cards so I’m stalled at the moment). Also I’m just about finished my bridal thank you cards. I know I know my bad. You see when we moved I misplaced the cards and only found them recently. At least that’s the story I’m giving everyyone…..and know one can prove any differently!

I made the mistake today of leaving for work today without my trusty old long johns on. You see it was hot in the apartment and I was boiling already so I decided screw it how cold can I get on my 10 minute walk to work? The answer – DAMN COLD! Good, God, I couldn’t feel my legs! They were blocks of ice. You see the pants I dug out from the back of the closet (cause yah laundry still hasn’t been done) are quite thin and if you called them summer pants you wouldn’t be wrong. I am so not looking forward to the walk home!

But the car has been fixed for $20 so I’m happy. They fixed the current tire. I imagine the hubby will be sleeping when I get home from work since he was up getting the tire fixed this morning (which I must admit surprised the holy crap right out of me – I was almost certain he was going to get me to drive the car to the garage and walk to work since it’s by where I used to live anyhow – but he didn’t! I’m still in shock). Yah so since he’ll be sleeping I’m hoping to have a quick bite to eat (homemade chili – MMMM) and then head to the mall before swimming. That’s where we were headed last night before the hoo-ha of the flat tire.

I have pineapple to eat……I can’t open the container my hubby put it in. I think since it was yesterday’s pineapple the stickiness has made it that much harder to open combined with the hubby’s arm strength to close it has made it impossible.

Yah so I need to get something off my chest. I have been married 2 months and 7 days. On the day we got married we were supposed to exchange gifts as per the guidelines – I made sure to inform the hubby in plenty of time so he couldn’t use the “I didn’t know” excuse. So on the day of, my bridal girls went down and gave my future hubby his gift (pictures were taken). He told them his gift for me was too big to give and he would after the wedding. Well it’s after the wedding and I’m still waiting. His excuse? Well apparently the apartment was to full of crap for the gift to fit. He even told me the exact area where it will go. Well time has passed and lo and behold the apartment and that specific area have now been cleaned. And where I ask you is my gift? Nowhere! Yah I don’t want to be a nag here but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want my gift from almost 2 and a half months ago! Jeebus I want to strangle that man sometimes. He knows I don’t do suspense well!

In other news I think it may be the last time for these pants. They fit okay a little snug but that’s only cause I’m used to my pants being nice and lose – the way I buy them now. Anywho I guess I bought them in the ‘petit’ section cause if I pull them up all the way they’re too short at the bottom and if I try to lower them a little it just doesn’t feel right. Tall girls shouldn’t shop in the petit section! I’m also having another pants crisis. I have 2 pairs of identical black pants that I wear for work. They are the comfiest ever and require very low maintenance and go well with pretty much everything. Yah well last week I was wearing one of the pairs and noticed that the pants are wearing between the thighs – damn huge thighs of mine! I’m afraid to look at the other pair. But sadly I can no longer wear the ripping pair. The worst part is I bought these pants for dirt cheap about 2 or 3 years ago at a store that’s since gone out of business! Somedays I wish I wore a uniform to work it would make life so much easier.

Speaking of work, it’s almost over so I better start cleaning up this desk of mine. I’m at reception for the next 2 days – woo! The boss is back – not woo.

4:20 p.m. - 2005-12-07


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