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Another short Friday Im liking this! Were short staffed today (what a surprise that never happens!) and a few of us also have training me being one of them. As it turns out we have 2 people to cover 3 people for lunches. Being the nice person I am I opted to not take my lunch break and then after the training rather than come back to reception I will leave at 3:30 one hour early technically my lunch. I came up with this brain child and my boss actually approved it sweet. I also just learned Im going to miss out on my break this morning so Im just gonna tack that 15 minutes onto leaving early this aft.

But I was smart and packed a lunch that I can eat at reception sandwiches, crackers that sort of thing. I was going to drive today for a couple of reasons. Since Im getting off so early I can take advantage of this and go out and do some shopping. Also the church where we park is having a baking bazzar and may block our car in from 4 8. But unfortunately mother nature did not want me to drive so she let about 10 cm of snow fall overnight. Yah so I walked today rather than drive with the crazies out there. Im just hoping I get home in time to move my car before the craziness of the bake sale takes over.

So my bad day yesterday got a whole lot better. I eventually cooled off figuratively and literally and everyone who saw me loved my green shirt and gave me mucho compliments. I even managed to get more thank you cards done yesterday afternoon. Once I got home Keith wasnt up yet so I sat and munched on some chips and watched me some television. Finally around 5:30 I decided maybe I should get him up to see if we were actually going to do laundry. I went into the bedroom and he was semi awake and he immediately turned on the light which he never does (light is his enemy!) but then he tells me to look behind and there on the wall was my WEDDING GIFT!

It was the painting I have been coveting since I saw it many moons ago! I was speechless. It was the coolest gift ever! The man just keeps topping himself in the gift department! Yah so I was thrilled beyond belief as you can imagine. The painting is beautiful and barely fits in the space on the wall but if you put the little lamp on underneath it it lights it up so nicely. I could go on and on about this painting but Ill stop now.

Yah so needless to say laundry did not get done last night. We lazed around for a while chatting and admiring my painting (okay it was just me doing that last part) and then we got ready to head over to Ts for Survivor. Survivor was awesome. I loved the fact that Cindy wouldnt give the cars to the others and threw the curse in their faces whos laughing now?! He he. This Sunday is the last Survivor I was hoping that we could have it at our place but even if we did get it cleaned enough to have company Keith will have to sleep and if his sleep schedule gets too screwed up he may end up sleeping during part or all of Survivor! T offered to watch it at her place but sometimes she says these things and will totally forget about it when the day arrives. So well see. Regardless I will be watching the 3 hour finale either on my own or with others..although its definitely more fun with others around. This is when I miss my younger bro the most. He was also hardcore Survivor like me and even if it was just the two of us we would make a party out of it. Again I say why cant those 2 love birds move closer?! GAh!

12:38 p.m. - 2005-12-09


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