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Hair, Food and that order

My bangs have taken on a life of their own. Seriously it’s not pretty. I had to make an appointment for after work to get them trimmed. An appointment to trim bangs you ask? How odd you probably mutter. Well um yah it is. You see every time I go to a hairdresser they make a comment on the sorry state of my bangs and they beg and plead with me not to do it myself but to come in and they’ll do it for free. Normally I pshaw this kind of talk and just get my trusty comb and scissors and hack away. But since the last girl cut my hair all angled and such I can’t just do the good ol’ cut ‘straight across’ trick that I normally do. So I’m breaking down and actually going to get the professionals to cut my bangs. So sad. I just couldn’t stand catching a glimpse of myself with totally f’d up bangs anymore. They’re curly, they’re straight, they’re tangled….they’re all of the above!

Next topic: food. Have you ever had those weeks where you eat like a linebacker? Yah well this isn’t the week nor was last week for that matter. Relevance you ask? My hubby packs my lunch like I’m in training to be a sumo wrestler. I’ve tried explaining how it works when aunt flo is coming to visit and we must must must stock up on food and consume as much as we can! But then once the visit is over everything goes back to normal. Lunches back to normal size for a woman who is trying her darndest to keep off the creeping weight gain she is forever going through.

Me and the gym are going to become best friends once this x-mas hoohaw is over with – I swear! Yes I will be one of the many making that ‘fresh new start’ at the gym – although my membership is well over 5 years old. I am one of those people who usually hiss at new years resolutions but then I had this thought a few days ago. Why not make a nyr? It is, after all, one of the best times to do it. Really, what do you have to lose?

So my friend who was in the car accident is making a tiny bit of progress. She has opened her eyes a few times and seems to respond to people’s voices somewhat. I went to church on the weekend. I’ve been meaning to go for a while now but for one reason or another I never seemed to be able to make it (laziness mostly). But this past Sunday I was up early enough to go. Although I did have words with the hubby before heading off to church (how ironic eh?). You see I wanted him to go with me. But he doesn’t like the church I attend. Although to be fair he has only went the one time and the service wasn’t the best. I’m hoping that he’ll give it another chance maybe for a few Sunday’s just to give it another go. Although getting him to go is even harder since his sleep schedule is so unpredictable on the weekends. But back to this past weekend. The hubby wasn’t too receptive when I asked him to go with me. As soon as he said no the tears started. I wasn’t trying to guilt him but I just really wanted his support. I’ve just felt this sense of ‘fragileness of life’ since my friend’s car accident. How you see someone one day, laugh with them and then the next they are in a life and death situation. It throws you off balance. Yah so I just felt like I needed someone close to me. But I apparently didn’t give my hubby enough warning – the night before. So I left and went to church on my own. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I cried or hadn’t eaten but I had a wicked headache all during the service. And the service was okay but it wasn’t as stellar as normal. I wasn’t into the songs. The woman leading the singing said it was some favourite x-mas songs and made a comment that since she was the one choosing the songs they were her favourites. I had never even heard the songs in my life before! I was a little upset over that fact – I thought it was a little selfish of her. Then the minister’s sermon was a little all over the place for me. Although he did dress it up somewhat and gave the congregation a few laughs.

Afterwards I didn’t feel like going straight back home. Oh yah before that at the end of the service the lady from above made a comment about people who just come and go without talking to anyone and how maybe today we should have a conversation with the people we were sitting beside before leaving. I booted it out of there even faster. I just wasn’t in the mood to chat with anyone.

Yah so after church I headed to Tim’s where I grabbed a bite to eat and then decided to finish off my x-mas shopping which I did thank you very much. I got home around 2 or so and the hubby was up and was very cute. He scolded me for not having our cell phone on as he tried to call me several times – I had to remind him that our cell is deader than dead. We lost the charger and have yet to find it. I apologized for getting so upset with him but didn’t approach him about giving the church another try – another day.

The rest of Sunday was spent wrapping all the presents we bought. I have 95% of them wrapped. At this point everyone is done except S. But she can wait till after x- mas cause I won’t be seeing her until then. So besides that everyone is done. I still have some baking I would like to do as a little ‘add on’ for the presents but that won’t happen till probably Thursday or Friday. Although Friday I would like to go to church again. They’re having an evening service. We’ll see.

Well I should end this now. I love typing on this keyboard. I could type forever on it. I’m very peculiar when it comes to things like this. Or maybe I’m just peculiar period. Who knows?

3:23 p.m. - 2005-12-19


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