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A Blur of a day.....

It has been quite the day. It's still hard to believe the work day is over - it went by that fast.

We had one of our infamous 'team against boss' days and it was over our dear friend and colleague who was in the car accident. You see our office collected a lot of money (just shy of 2 grand). Well we elected a member of our team to bring the money to her husband and give him all our love. Well our boss had another idea. She had a lady from our sister office who she wanted to do it. Seems like a simple problem. But no our boss put her foot down and demanded that the money be given to her to give to the other lady who would then give it to our friend's husband. Oh man it was just such a huge drama after that. We lost most of the day because of this and in the end? The boss conceded she was wrong and told us we could deliver the money. Good God so much time wasted over an amazing act of charity.

Moving on. Last night I was supposed to come home, grab the laundry and head to the laundromat. Well one out of 3 ain't bad - I came home. Yah I got sidetracked. You see while I was considering what I had to do while the laundry was cleaning itself I decided grocery shopping would be the best use of my time. In order to grocery shop (for baking supplies for x-mas presents) I had to find out what we needed. In order to find out what we need I had to move all the crap that has never been sorted in the kitchen. You see where this is going? I got started cleaning the kitchen and decided to just go for it. Plus? It was cold out.

I also wrapped some more presents last night. I'm so pleased that I didn't leave this task until the night before like I usually do. I'll be busy enough with the baking and packing and the last minute things.

Oh and 2 more things to mention:

1. I got my bangs cut and they are SO much better!

2. I finally found my phone charger last night as I was going to bed.

Anyway I have a dinner date tonight with my girls. Festival Special - Yum Yum.

4:58 p.m. - 2005-12-22


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