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The Reason for the Season....

Three cheers for gum!! When you have stinky breath from a sub with onions and hot peppers gum is your new best friend. Especially when you're stuck at reception for the remainder of a very boring afternoon.

We are on skeletal staff and I was not one of the lucky ones to get to go home at noon (read not enough seniority!). But damnit I was next on the list but just before the cut off - story of my life I tell ya!

Well all the belly aching yesterday over the whole money issue turned out to be kind of a moot point. The girl we sent to give the money didn't end up meeting with our friend's husband to hand it over. But she did manage to finagle her way into ICU to see our friend and came back with an uplifting update about our friend. She is unable to talk but they communicated through mostly eye movements and a few limited gestures. She told her all about the money and showed her the card everyone signed - it was just one of those warm fuzzy moments.

Dinner with C and T was really good last night. We dined at the Chalet de Swiss. C is all over emotions wise. Her mom is currently getting treated for cancer and things aren't looking so good. And C takes everything personally and feels she has to hold not only herself together but the rest of her family. She puts too much pressure on herself. We exchanged gifts and I must say I was quite impressed with theirs. I got 2 different miniature banks "girls night out" and "high maintenance". I also got a nice small lamp for beside my bed. Oh and the best? An autographed picture of Ben Guyatt! Yah T got that for me when he performed at their x-mas party. That pic made me laugh so hard!

Afterwards T and I did some x-mas shopping. I thought I was done but I managed to find a few more things to buy! The malls weren't even that bad which was good.

Tonight is gonna be killer as far as getting everything done. I have to do the dreaded laundry, grocery shop, bake, pack for the weekend and finish wrapping presents! I also really wanted to go to church tonight but I guess that's a 'we'll see'. I'm hoping that Keith and I can definately go to the x-mas eve service tomorrow night near his parents like last year. I just feel that a lot of times the whole meaning of x-mas gets lost on everyone (including myself) and going to church and celebrating 'the real reason for the season' helps me to bring it down a notch and I am just be so grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Well half an hour more of work then I am so out of here! I thought for sure I would somehow get to leave this place a little earlier....but alas it wasn't too be....

Well I hope everyone out there in D land has an awesome Christmas.....

3:38 p.m. - 2005-12-23


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