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It's a wrap....Christmas that is....

Well Christmas has come and gone. I am still recuperating. We left our place around 4pm x-mas eve. Our car packed full of gifts. We went to x-mas eve service with some of Keith's family. Then it was back to their place. It's supposed to be a time for snacking and gathering but this year there didn't seem to be much togetherness in my opinion. Due mainly to the fact that there's now a baby in the picture (his brother's child). The baby boy (who just turned 1 today I believe) spends half his time with him mom's family and the other half with his dad's family. Normally we would all be out in the kitchen chatting etc but since half the household are chainsmokers they were in a seperate den room. Of course this room wasn't closed off to the rest of the house or even had a door. So the bb and I spent a lot of time together since I don't like the smoke much either.

I finally went to bed around midnight but then proceeded to spend a miserable night tossing and turning and trying to breath. My throat ached from all the smoke in the house and the bed we were in was tiny as well as the room we were in was a tad on the cold side. So while my hubby snored away happily and the smoker's smoked downstairs I laid there cursing the fact we had to be there. A few hours later I did manage to drift off into a somewhat peaceful slumber only to be awoken by the hubby who was feeling amorous in the wee hours of the morning. Around 6:30 the hubby got up while I finally managed to fall into a deep sleep. Alas the sleep wasn't meant to be a long one as I was again woken for good at 8am.

The morning was a mishmash as everyone was tired and some were even grumpy. We couldn't open presents right away cause we had to eat breakfast first. Of course breakfast wasn't ready till almost 11:00. My throat was still sore and breakfast wasn't too appetizing - green eggs (yes green and not on purpose), along with burnt hashbrowns and sausages. Not the feast I had anticipated. After bk we finally opened our gifts. My secret santa was one of his sister's. She got me a few cd's I requested, a few pairs of fuzzy socks and some body shop stuff (along with a few other things that elude me right now). My hubby gave me a nice sweater which totally shocked me as he's never bought me clothes before. After the gifts, we packed up and hit the road to my parents. I was never so happy to breath fresh air.

Along the way I realized that my throat although somewhat better was not feeling 100%. As I blew my nose for the umpteenth time it finally hit me - I was sick. Merry Christmas to me.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at my parents I was in the shower getting rid of the smoke smell and then into smoke-free clothes.

We had an amazing x-mas feast and then after dessert we opened all our gifts. I actually got some great stuff. You see we have this 10 - 15 dollar limit since there are so many to buy for and we don't want x-mas just to be all about the gifts. Over the years people are getting more and more creative with their gifts.

By nightfall my cold had set in full force. My littlest nephew who is about 5 months old was pretty miserable all night. The only time he seemed to be happy was when whoever was holding him took him into the bathroom and held him in front of the mirror - he would smile and coo at himself.

Although I must say he didn't cry when he was with his favourite aunt - ahem me. I knew I shouldn't be holding him with my cold but I couldn't resist the little tyke!

I don't have baby fever I swear....

Most of us went to bed around midnight (including me but not the hubby). I took some cold meds so I was out like a light. I didn't get up till almost 9 (the hubby up at 7). My dad made us some breakfast (yellow eggs! and ham and toast - now that was a good breakfast!). Soon everyone else was up and after a quick shower and getting dressed we managed to fit in a few games of scrabble. We then had a bite to eat - turkey sandwhiches and packed up our stuff to hit the road. We left around 3:30 which was a lot later than we had planned - a certain husband was having a lot of fun playing a wrestling game with my brother - although he'll still blame it on the scrabble games I was playing with my mom.

On our long drive home my hubby reminded me that it was our engagement anniversary - one year ago he had popped the question - man time flies!

Our drive home was riddled with wrong turns. We tried to skip the TO traffic and take a back way but some how we got off track and were led down side road after side road. It would have been comical except that a) the hubby was cranky and needed to be home to sleep before work and b) I was sick as a dog and the last thing I wanted to be was lost. It wouldn't be so bad except the hubby plays the blame game when we get lost. At one point we had to pick to go left or right - we went right but I felt it was wrong so we turned around and went my way - that road turned out to be wrong (which I got to hear over and over again). So we went his way and guess what his way was wrong too!! Oh how I wanted to rub that fact in his face but I refrained. Finally we got ourselves back on track and I got us home 3 and a half hours later. The hubby did apologize for blaming me once we got home.

It was 7pm by the time the hubby got to lay down for his nap. I took a couple of doses of cold meds and went to bed also. I amazingly slept straight through till 7am. I woke up took some more cold meds and then fell back asleep till about 9:30.

The hubby was late getting home from work and was bearing gifts of more cold meds for moi. Before he went to bed we exchanged the rest of our gifts to eachother. He was a good boy and stayed in the limit - I went way over. I gotta work on that.

I spent the day on the living room couch. I ventured out briefly to pick up some videos and some food. Two of the videos were chick flicks that the hubby will never watch and one that we can watch together when he gets up - or when I get him up.

I'm glad that it will be a short work week as well as we can dress casual - that will be nice. I should be okay to work...and I will try cause we'll be short staffed.

Well I am now officially rambling and I'm finding it hard to concentrate - time for more oj and couch rest and another chick flick!


4:59 p.m. - 2005-12-27


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