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My last entry....for '07

I have lost all track of time...seriously. I am so glad I took Monday off cause my body isn't ready to lay down and sleep anytime soon. I have been keeping some pretty late hours these past few nights. I'm trying to 'prep' for the whole New Year's hoopla. I was feeling pretty confident until I got a call from S this evening. Her and her gang are coming in tomorrow afternoon which means I now have to actually get up before 11 and actually get everything I planned to accomplish done before 2pm. This sounds easy but if you know anything about me I leave everything till the last minute. So I shall be cleaning like mad, buying booze and mix at the last minute and packing my overnight bag and trying not to forget the essential stuff like the party favours and what not. Shew.

Our laptop is acting up. It won't connect to the internet which means I'm actually on the real computer in the 'office'. Interesting.

I have begun to start digging through the millions of boxes we have stored in the storage area in our laundry room. It's a slow process because each box is a ride down memory lane and even the smallest trinket has a memory for me (which as you may know is huge since my memory is nil these days). But I am trying hard to let go of 'things'. I need to de-clutter my life. I know this. It doesn't make it any easier though. I also know this is going to be a long process. I'm hoping that the long winter will be my push to get it all done cause come Spring baby I am so outside of this house ready to play! Ahem. Getting a little ahead of myself.

So I thought I would have something to say about '07. But really I don't. I mean it was a HUGE year. I am a Home Owner now. In my wildest dreams I didn't see it happening but it has. The baby questions have already started and I have suprised myself because I honestly don't know how I feel. A part of me wants a baby cause hey they're cute! But I don't want to have one for the sake of having one! This is a really deep subject that is probably best left alone right now but I figure if/when the time comes I will know it.

I am looking forward to '08 though. There's pretty much not a day goes by that I don't marvel at our house. I walk down the driveway to do something and I am in awe that I own this house. I run downstairs to grab the laundry and I am in awe that I own this house. You get the picture. I down play it so much when people ask me about the house and how's it going when what I really want to do is jump up and down and squee really loudly but I think that would probably freak most people out.

I have the most wicked roots right now. But I am not going to even attempt to dye my hair myself cause I know better. I will wait to book an appointment and pay the $40 for a proffessional to do it. I will probably go brunette. I'm kind of over the red. It's too hard to maintain. Plus then I can get back to dying my own hair! Gradually I will lighten it and once summer comes I will magically be a blonde again. Gotta love changes.

I don't know what's going to happen at T's tomorrow. I have no idea how many people are going to show (a lot of people didn't rsvp). I really hope it's a good time and worth the parking ticket we will get (no overnight parking around here but I sure ain't going to cab it there and back as that would be more or make one of us the dd - we'll just suck it up and pay the $30).

I really should head to bed soon. It's just about 1am. The hubby has to be up in less than 4 hours. He'll probably work till about 2pm around the same time S gets here. I'm hoping that he'll be able to take a nap so he'll be nice and refreshed tomorrow night.

I tried to quit my gym today. But I wasn't a member! My gym was bought out by another one and they took over the co-ed places but not the women only ones. So now I have to go to the women's only one and quit there. Crazy. But I will do it cause paying $40 a month for nothing is annoying the hell out of me.

I apparently could prattle on forever but I guess I shall go now and try and get some beauty sleep. My plan for tomorrow is to wake up around 10 - clean the rooms quickly, wash the kitchen and bathroom floor, run out buy a few groceries, come home pack our overnight bag (can't forget the bathing suits!) - oh and find S's x-mas gift and wrap it - eek I totally forgot about that one! Me thinks I should find that before bed tonight cause I have a feeling I'll forget all about it tomorrow!

Well I am off. Goodnight. And since I can say with certainty I will not be on d-land again until after the ball drops at midnight tonight I wish everyone out there a Happy Wonderful New Year! Here's to a Glorious '08 for All. Be safe. Have fun. Don't drink and drive!

12:40 a.m. - 2007-12-31


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