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I'm a quitter.....and dang proud of it!

I did it! I'm a quitter! Most people quit eating bad food or quit smoking this time of year but me....I quit the gym! And it is sooooo liberating! Ironically I am at my highest weight ev-ah! Okay that totally didn't deserve an exclamation point but I'm on a roll.

So yah after meaning to quit for months now I finally just did it while the hubby and I were out running errands. And then....within the same hour even...the hubby and I checked out another gym together! Rockin'. We even scored ourselves a two week pass that I am going to kick myself in the butt (hard!) to use. I even found the ol' Ipod tonight and am charging it as we speak. This poundage is coming off bitch!

Phew. I'm sounding all feisty eh? Probably the junk food I was eating earlier. Um yah let's forget I just said that. Never grocery shop when you're hungry especially when there's a dollar sale going on that involves a plethora of junk food. Argh.

So anywho's I did find my M@mma Mi@ tickets. The play is on the 15th I believe. Such a huge relief! I didn't even panic which is totally not like me so I was quite pleased with myself.

So I'm a brunette now - rah rah! It's pretty dark but I'm quite happy with it. And plus I can totally start dying my own hair again! Saving money works for me.

This weekend was a bit of a write off for me which I can't really decide whether I should feel guilty about or not. I went to bed really late Friday night and thus got up fairly late Saturday morn. I then proceeded to become part of my couch in the basement and watch umpteen episodes of V Mars. I have now finished Season 1 and am on to Season 2. I took a break today cause it was getting seriously out of hand.

The hubby had to work but was home by 2pm. He kicked back and did his own thing for the afternoon and then when we could ignore our rumbling bellies no more we were just deciding on a plan of action when T called and was on her way over with her guy (so much for eating dins in my pj's!). So I got dressed and then we all headed out for a bite to eat at our little place down the road that has awesome food. After we just came back and watched a movie that was in the cheap bin and probably should have stayed there. T and her guy left around 11ish then a while later the hubby and I headed to bed where he slept and I tossed and turned for a few hours...good times.

This morning I of course slept in which means I am going to be one helluva cranky bitch at work tomorrow. The hubby and I actually got quite a bit accomplished on our errands which always surprises me. We got some very bad take out food that involves chicken...fried. I shall not be eating that again anytime soon. Once every few months is all I can do. Afterwards while we were watching the tube I managed to fall asleep on him for a little while - go me. Then rather than hunker in for the evening I decided I wanted to return the top I had bought at the big W. I ended up buying 2 pairs of pants (for work) and a few other things. Trying on clothes depressed the hell out of me but it just made me more resolved to head to the gym tomorrow evening and try this place out. It's a family place so that's really my only reserve - the kids are free to run around while you work out. It has a pool (woo!) and a track and several work out areas. They have a regular membership and a super membership. Basically the super involves a sweet ass locker room with hot tub and steam room and awesome showers while the other one is a ghetto place you can rinse off. It's $15 more a month and sadly they may have me talked in to it even though I'd probably rarely use them. But after the 2 week trial I plan on heading to the other gym I'm looking into. It's a 24 hour gym and is about the same distance from my house. I imagine they'll have some sort of trial membership so I can at least give them both a try before choosing one. We'll see where all these 'plans' of mine will take me!

Ew I just thought about a reason to be excited about work tomorrow! It seems the cafe lady called the cops about people smoking in the loading dock on Friday. These same people are the ones that keep her restuarant going and are now planning an out and out boycott of her restaurant. I'm kind of interested to see if this goes anywhere or if people are all talk. If it's not all talk she's screwed.

Well it's just about 11 and I am far from tired. I think I'm gonna have to go and sing myself some lullabies for a few hours and pray for sleep....or you know take a sleeping pill...whatev.


10:33 p.m. - 2008-01-06


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