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Sleep would be nice

You know when youíre walking in water and you canít go too fast you have to slug through it. Um yah thatís how I feel todayÖexcept thereís no water around. So tired. So very very tired. The yoga last night was excellent if not rather long (over 40 minutes!) so the result was my body was blissed out and ready for sleep while my mind was racing from the 2 coffees, 3 pops and other assorted means of caffeine that my body inhaled. I was wired. I hate that weird combination. Plus my back began to hurt when I lay a certain way so sleep was definitely not in my schedule last night. I may have got 5 hours sleep but thatís being generous.

I broke down and called my chiropractor and went at lunch. Yup I done hurt my back Ė the pain wasnít all in my head. She asked if I fell or something in the last few weeks cause my back was pretty out of whack I then recalled new yearís eve. I fell on one of my ways out to the hot tub. I was lubed so it didnít really register Ė not even when the hubby found a huge bruise on my butt the other day. But yah I guess thatís what caused the back pain.

I probably would have Ďcalled iní this morning if it wasnít for the fact that I was bringing in a birthday cake for 2 co-workers. But I guess itís a good thing cause Iíve used up enough sick days . Gotta tough it out and not party too hard anymore.

I got a touch of the heartburn right now which sucks cause I broke down (again with the breaking down!) and just grabbed a coffee for the afternoon. I doubt I would get through the afternoon without it Ė seriously.

The sun is shining. Itís deceiving though. Most of the snow has melted due to all the rain the past few days. It looks like a perfect spring day. Itís not of course. Itís cold out but hey Mr Sun is my friend.

I wish I was outside on a warm summery day in my hammock in my little back yard sipping some lemonade while reading a good book. Man that sounds so nice.

Time is going backwards right now or at least thatís how it feels. Itís all I can do not to make some excuse and bolt out of here. My head may very well explode. I am racking my brain trying to think of little projects I can do but thereís nothing. Iím tapped dry.

I didnít wear a necklace on my wedding day. Where did that come from? Well I was staring at the wedding photo I have on my deskÖ.see I told you I was bored!

Wow I just did something I should have done months and months ago. I just quit WW online. I havenít actively used it in forever yet I couldnít let go. I was paying for a service in hopes that Ďone dayí I would come back to it. Quitting my gym was my first step in letting go and this was the second. Both were hard but had to be done. They both seem like a step backwards but theyíre not. They are examples of me moving on. It feels good. I know what I should be eating I know I should be exercising. Counting points was something I could do when I was on my own. Now that the hubby is the main chef I have almost no control on our meals. He would readily give me the control to make all the meals but I am too selfish for that and more importantly I enjoy his cooking way too much. He has made concessions and tries to cook healthily for me. I have tried to start cutting way down on my portions. Normally I will take half my portion and put it aside for next dayís lunch. This is both economical and waist wise. Win win!

Aíight enough of that jargon. Iím hoping I can take a quick cat nap after work so I will have enough energy and Ďoumphí to go to the gym this evening Ė wish me luckÖor extra energy! Iíll have to take it careful with the back but I guess as long as I stick to basic cardio I should be okay. Maybe today Iíll take advantage of the hot tub. Hmmm although heat is usually bad for sublexations so that may have to wait for another day.

Thank God itís 4:30! I survived!

4:16 p.m. - 2008-01-10


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