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This entry is hot....or not.

Okay I'm either getting old or my chiropractor is getting sloppy - maybe both. My back? It kills. It got better for a brief while and now? Not so much. I am pretty much refusing to go to her again until my regular appointment in...15 days. Let's start popping those pain pills!

Yah so my weekend went by very quickly as per usual. Friday eve C came over and I may have bribed T to come over as well. C can be a little intense so I like to have T there to level it all out.

Saturday I actually went to the gym which kind of blew my mind. I didn't go Friday cause basically my back was achey and I didn't want to chance it (lotta good that did me). But I think if I do join I may end up joining the 'plus' membership and be a snob. The only difference between the two memberships (besides the price!) is the change room and I know how stupid that sounds. But seriously the plus changeroom is like a little slice of heaven. There's a small workout area IN the changeroom, the showers are huge and they have towel service plus shampoo and conditioner. kids are allowed in there! Since this is a kid friendly place this is Huge for me. One place that little ones can't be running around screaming. But this is only a trial and I still have the other gym to try out as well so I'll reign myself in.

I am never going to sleep tonight. I went to bed at 3:30 last night. Why? Because I went to work with the hubby at midnight. He had one delivery to The one delivery is over an hours drive away. It's just so stupid that it's silly. It totally kills his/our weekend for one stupid delivery. He's too nice that guy. I would have told them where they could shove the delivery. So needless to say I slept in till like 11 this morning and my body is not going to be liking the getting up extra early tomorrow. This should be fun.

Today was a bit of a lazy day. While the hubby played on the computer I read a book. Then I went out for a while to find myself a black pair of work pants at V V. I didn't find any but I did find the exact same pair of my favourite casual pants but in a different color. I also found a blue hoody sweater that also had to be bought. Both were like $12. Then I went to another store and found my black pair of dress pants for...$2. Yah that rocked. That never happens for me so I was pretty damn pleased.

I came home to find the hubby finally off the computer so we removed the naked x-mas tree from the house and vaccuumed up a ton of pine needles. The living room looks huge now without the tree. Then we got tired from using up all that energy (yes we are very lazy people) so the hubby headed downstairs and I managed to find a little more energy and clean up the kitchen enough so the hubby could make us dinner. Exciting stuff I know.

The whole 'home owner' thing kicked into gear for us this weekend. On Friday I noticed a wet spot on the carpet in the basement. The hubby checked it out and guessed it had something to do with the toilet. This is where we would normally call the landlord. But luckily I have a pretty smart hubby who managed to buy a few things, remove the (very) heavy toilet and fix the leak - he totally rocks.

Now I have to go read some archives cause the hubby and I were trying to remember when we went on one of our day trips and we both have different seasons in our head so I have to find out who's right.

Going with the hubby last night was pretty nice. I mean I was pretty tired but we got a chance just to talk about 'stuff' and I got to watch him work which for some reason really turns me on. I don't know what it is but when he's lifting heavy stuff and doing his job...yah it makes me hot. But I keep that a secret from him so shhh don't tell him.

Well I think my laundry is probably dry so I'm gonna head back downstairs and try and convince myself that I will be tired by 10:30...11 at the latest. Shah.

9:37 p.m. - 2008-01-13


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