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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and I have to talk

Monday, you and I will never be friends. Iím sorry Monday thatís just the way it has to be. You and I no matter how hard we try will just never see eye to eye. Sorry.

Yah so Iím in a wee bit of pain right now. Just for clarityís sake I was only kidding about popping some pain pills. I ainít that kind of gal. Plus I canít get my hands on any so there you have it. I was going to tough it out but that just ainít gonna happen. After I shut off my alarm this morning and went to roll over I let out this loud gasp of pain as I tried to lay on my left side. Then again while bending over to tie my left shoe lace again the loud gasp of pain. And now that I am at work, sitting at a desk when I got up to walk down the hall my back began to spasm. You win Mr Back. You win. I concede. I called my chiro and I am in this afternoon. Please let this time take cause this is getting expensive. Even though these visits are reimbursed I only get so much a year and too many visits cuts down on my massage visits! But I know my priorities and being able to walk upright without pain is one of them. Cíest la vie.

I also managed to get lip gloss on my sweater. And not by the collar or anywhere normal but half way down the shirt. Hereís how it happened: my shirt is full of fuzzies cause I washed it with a Kleenex (not on purpose) and since itís hang dry the fuzzies stayed on the shirt. I did the olí scotch tape trick and was getting the fuzzies off when I had to turn my sweater around Ė couldnít take it off that would be indecent Ė and when I was in the process of turning it back around in a hurry I brushed my lips across the sweater and voila lip gloss du jour.

Whatís with the French? I donít know either. The one good thing about all this is that I get to have lunch with the hubby. Heíll be done work so weíre going to meet before my appointment and Ďdo lunchí.

Iím wearing my new(ish) black pants. They are a wee bit long. I knew they would be but itís quite fun walking in the snow cause I donít want the slush stains so I have to hold them up as if Iím wearing a skirt. High maintenance.

As predicted last night, sleep did not come easily. I ended up reading for a little while but then I turned off all the lights and went and sat in the living room and stared out the window at the snow falling. Everything was covered and it was just so pretty. I canít believe itís only been 4 months that weíve been in the house. In some ways it seems like forever but then I think about the fact that we havenít even experienced all the seasons yet and I am really looking forward to spending time outside.

Alright enough of that. I have one more hour till Iím sprung from here. I told my boss I may come back. It honestly depends on how my back feels. Sitting at a desk is definitely not doing it any favours. And plus? Monday is still going to be here and weíre not talking anymore.

12:07 p.m. - 2008-01-14


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