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Trying to ride the Friday vibe

Itís Friday. I was going to say TGIFÖ.oh wait I guess I just did. I am glad itís Friday thankfully this week has gone by quickly. I guess leaving early 2 days in a row and having a vacation day in the middle of the week will do that.

I am finally able to move around without pain. Yesterday was my first pain free day. I have a small ache in the middle of my back which may be from my chiro cracking my back so much. I also apparently have a small bruise on my lower back from all the back cracking as well. I never want to hurt my back this bad again.

So M@mma Mia was amazing. Simply Amazing. Stunning. I think I smiled during the whole performance it was just that good. Our plans didnít go quite as smoothly as I would have liked but I held it together and wasnít a cranky puss about it and it all turned out just fine. Rather than leaving early for the performance Keith took a much needed nap. We had planned on grabbing a bite once we got in the city but by the time we parked and walked around looking for somewhere to eat we realized we had no time left. I ended up grabbing a bagel to tide me over since the hubby was okay without eating. We were about 10 rows from the front which was very cool. Have I mentioned how much I loved it?

We ended up grabbing a bite once we got back into town but it was super late so it was crappy fast food (good tasting bad for you). Wednesday was a very relaxing day. I spent the whole day in our bedroom. I am very happy to report that we are now box free in the bedroom. We had about 5 or 6 boxes and a few baskets of clothes lying around. I tackled every one of those boxes and baskets and our room looks amazing! It is so uncluttered and clean. I love it. Unfortunately the hubbyís clothes wonít all fit in his tiny dresser so there is a basket on his side with his clean clothes. Once our finances are in order we will have to start looking for a decent size dresser for the bedroom. But I am quite happy with how the room looks now. Go me.

The weather is pretty crappy today. Everything froze overnight so the roads are icy. Iím not concerned about me as I take the main roads to work and itís an 8 minute trip. I worry about the hubby cause where he travels in his truck the roads get bad. Just a big olí worry wart I am.

Even though itís Friday thereís a shadow hanging over me. Fear. I have a doctorís appointment on Tuesday for my stupid Ďladyí exam and to get more baby prevention pills. But I also have to ask him about something that is worrying me and for the last week or so I have managed to put it from my mind but now that the appointment is fast approaching it is first and foremost in my mind and I am starting to mildly freak out. I pray that itís nothing and I wouldnít even mind him scoffing at me if it is. Itís that other worryÖ.if he doesnít scoff and is concerned and sends me for some tests. But I have to remind myself not to get worked up about this. Freaking out isnít going to change the outcome. I guess Iíll deal with it when it happens. If only life were that easy eh?

And now onto something completely different, I won Timís gift certificates today. I was one of the first 500 to fill out something at work and win $5 in coffee coupons. Iím pretty psyched about it. Here I am sipping said coffee while staring lovingly at my coupons.

You know itís bad when you have to make the decision whether youíre going to be on time for work OR stop for a coffee and be late. Both times this week coffee has won. Oh the shame. If I was real smart I would start making coffee at home in the mornings but I doubt that will ever happen. Itís all I can do to get myself out the door with a bowl of cereal in my tummy forget plugging in appliances and waiting for coffee to drip. Maybe Iíll have to get a fancy dancy machine that has a timer. Hmmm thatís food for thought.

12:21 p.m. - 2008-01-18


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