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Dear suck.

I have my doubts this entry will even make it to the finish line - the computer keeps crapping out on me. It is seriously S-L-O-W.

So yah I didn't end up going to work with the hubby on Saturday night. I was just so freakin' tired and it was crazy cold out and he even suggested I stay home and sleep - so I did. Go me.

Today has just been the suckiest of days. It was just so...beige. Know what I mean? No? Neither do I. I was just kind of blowing smoke out of my ass with that beige comment. First off I wore all blue today which seemed like a good idea at the time but once I arrived at work - not so much. It was like a smurf threw up all over me. Oh except for the super white shoes I had on cause for some reason I can be a dildo when it comes to dressing myself. Somedays you have it others...not so much.

Besides the clothes on my body crying out for help the day just sucked the life right out of me. My 'team' at work is fighting our boss over an issue and I seem to be the only one fighting it one way and all the rest are concentrating their efforts on the part that least concerns me. I understand that is pure jargon but trust me if I explained it everyone would be bored to tears including myself. Let's just say I shall be fighting my own battle with the boss over this and the hubby said I'm not allowed to cave like I always do and have to remain strong. Sigh.

So He@th Leger is dead. For some reason I am pretty bummed over this. The guy wasn't even on my radar in terms of movie stars etc. I guess I'm more upset at the loss of a life so young more than anything. Plus the accidental overdose (or at least that's the last I heard) reminds me of what happened to a guy at work last x-mas. It's odd I really didn't put two and two together until this very moment as I sit here typing this entry. Who knew this diary could be therapy?

I saw my doctor yesterday. It went better than I thought it would. Better in the sense that now I know he actually cares about my health and I'm not just another number so to speak. Although it was a tad unpleasant when he asked if I lost any weight like I said I would last year. Um nope. He then checked my blood pressure - 5 times in a row and it's borderline so here we go again. I promised - yet again - I would lose weight and try and get it down without taking pills. I think this may be my last chance with him so I better do it. He did make a comment about my 5 readings though - every reading was the exact same 141/98 (or 148/98 something like that). He said that's the first time ever he's ever seen the same numbers in all 5 read outs - go me!!

I also talked to him about the problem I was nervous about. I almost chickened out but a fellow d-lander gave me a gentle nudge in the right direction so I just did it. It's a lump I found in the breast area. He thinks it's just a cyst but I'm going for an ultrasound to check it out. Man I really detest writing those words. They can't be from me. So yah overall the visit went okay and the lady exam is never fun to do no matter what but it has to be done.

I'm tired. But I don't sleep well. I'm not really tired when I go to bed so I toss and turn for a while and if I'm too awake I go and lay in the spare room on the double air mattress until I fall asleep and then when I wake up I head back to bed. I think this is definitely affecting my sleep quality.

I'm going to see Dirty D@ncing tomorrow in T dot. It's gonna be an interesting evening. There's about 40 of us taking the bus - co-workers and their friends etc. I am part planner so people think I know stuff but really I don't. I just send out info emails with cute sayings from the movie that nobody gets. My last one was "I carried a watermelon". Heh. It still cracks me up.

Well I think I shall go and break into my friend's f@cebook account and change her profile pic. I haven't done that in about a week. She secretly loves it. Why else would she keep 'accidentally' telling me her password?

My ankle hurts. Yah yah I know I said I was going but I feel the need to whine a little more. The hubby says it's the tendon of the achilles heel or some such nonsense. All I know is that it's puffy and hurts to walk on it. I did notice that when I sleep I point this foot downwards thus stretching the tendon and not letting it relax. Bad me.

Before I go 2 random things about me:

1. I found out recently I have been writing the word 'definitely' wrong for um quite a while. I always thought it was definately. Sure looks better that way to my eye!

2. I'm listening to the current Pink album in my car almost every day to and from work. There's this one song where she swears in it - you know the F bomb. I swear every time I sing along and you know swear...I think of my mom. I can see her tsk'ing and giving me that 'mom' look. How old am I again?

Okay I'm really outta here. Peace.

10:17 p.m. - 2008-01-23


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