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Buh Bye January....

A week has passed already? Seriously?

I've been a browser not a writer lately mostly because I'm too lazy and whenever the urge to write would hit me I was too busy...fighting crime and all that good stuff.

Well I doggone gone and done it...I joined a gym. Not the first one I tried out either which surprised me. The second one is just a wee bit further so that didn't really make any difference but the price sure did. I found out that my work has a corporate rate at this gym and it was going to be HALF of what I would normally pay anywhere else. Sign me up! The only downfall is I have to pay it all in one lump sum which although isn't the best time financially for us we could still swing it. I signed up on Sunday and have gone every night this week. It's kind of do or die with me right now. I'm kick starting my body into getting back into shape and losing some much needed poundage. I know I won't be able to keep this crazy pace up but I am sure damn going to try and go with it while I can!

I met up with T tonight to do a little shopping. I was supposed to browse while she did the actual purchasing. I did good at the first store - I spent $2. On 10 star floating candles and two very cute christmas ornaments - all were 90% off. Sweet. The second store I spent a wee bit more. I bought massage balls - but man they feel so good and I think I'll even be able to talk Keith into using them on me - he goes on about his sore hands to no end when I need a massage! I also bought a sports bra for $15 which is amazing for me. I also bought a chocolate bar for C and a keychain for moi. So again not too bad ($22 total). At our third store I let down my guard and before you knew it 2 pairs of capris and one pair of black pants were being purchased (it's a used store so I only spent $23). Both pairs of capris were brand spanking new! And the black pants I have been looking for forever to get me over this hump I call weight loss.

All in all not too bad but the hubby won't feel the same so let's just not mention this to him shall we?

By the time we finished it was 9pm and we were bushed and I did the 'eh maybe I'll skip the gym route' mantra and then I thought of trying on all those clothes that didn't fit and my new determination to lower my blood pressure and get fit and voila I was in the gym within minutes sweating like a maniac. Good times. It may keep me up a little tonight - endorphins and all that - but right now I'm sticking with my story that I'm glad I went - nay damn proud of myself!

So apparently we're expecting the 'storm of the century' or some such crap. It's supposed to start at midnight and be a raging blizzard when the world awakes. Do I sound sceptical? Yah I am. The news always blows these things out of proportion. My only worry is for the hubby who has to drive in the bad weather. I worry about him till I know he's safe at home. He made it home last week by barely an hour before a highway he travels was closed due to terrible weather conditions and accidents. I'm only thankful he drives a big truck.. but still...I worry.

So not much has been happening. We (and I really mean the hubby here) are on a major lets gets our house organized kick! We have also had many squabbles over it. I am not so enthusiastic. I guess the truth is I don't like being told what to do and when to do it. Ask me nicely and maybe I'll consider it. Telling me what to do isn't going to get you anywhere. Seriously you think he would have learned this about me by now.

Alright it's technically 5 minutes before my bedtime. I get up at 6:50 so that gives me 8 hours sleep. I don't feel sleepy so this is a bad sign. But I shall lay down in the spare room and read for a while and hopefully sleep will find me before too long. g'night

10:45 p.m. - 2008-01-31


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