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Booze has too many calories anyway...right?

I'm tired but may have something to do with going to bed last night at 4am. I went out with T and her mom to celebrate her mom's birthday. I thought we'd go to a few bars and then head back to her mom's where I the dd could kick back and have a few drinks too. Instead we ended up closing the first bar I drove to. Me dead sober...them not so much. T and her mom were so polluted. It was kind of interesting being sober in a bar full of drunkies. I was supposed to stay the night at her mom's but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the two of them while they were so far gone - only one of us would have survived. Her mom was giddy with power that drunk men were hitting on her (don't ask). So yah late night indeed.

In a neat coincidence Keith got home 5 minutes after I did last morning from work. We had some bad food together and then crashed. We slept in pretty late and then we both had a Very lazy day. I read all day while Keith played on the computer. We would stop periodically for food breaks and then back to our day of laze. It was great. I even had a 20 minute cat nap at one point. Decadent.

I'm doing laundry right now and some of the spark has left the deed for me - it's the endless socks and underwear that overwhelm me. Oye. But all I have to do is think back on my days of the laundromat and I am back to being grateful.

A neighbourhood bunny is courting the little bunny figurine I have sitting outside our back door. At least that's my theory - I think it's cute. When I came home last night the bunny was in the driveway and then he hopped to the figurine and sat there for well over half an hour until Keith scared it away by going out and checking on it.

We did end up getting a ton of snow and bad weather. They even sent some people home Friday afternoon. Out of towners of course. But I did manage to get out of there half an hour early and beat the rush hour traffic.

I somehow managed to lose my temporary pass to the gym (I should get mine by the 15th of the month). This isn't a big deal but I feel like an idiot. I didn't make it to the gym today or Friday (but that was all weather). But I feel pretty proud of the 5 days I did go. Woo! Go me.

Well it's after 11 now so I should probably try and go to bed now. I did have high hopes of maybe getting a little cleaning done in the basement but our laptop is finally back to us and is working again so I just had to try it out!

10:50pm - 2008-02-03


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