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Some people just never learn....

Whoops I did it again. Maybe Britney had something there when she shaved her head cause I am honestly considering it. Yup, I went and dyed my hair again...on my own (well with T's help). Yah it didn't take well at all. The roots are and the rest of the hair is a dair brown. I would laugh but it's still too soon so I may end up crying if I did that. I have to make a call to the hair salon first thing tomorrow morning and pray they can fit me in. A part of me knew I shouldn't try to dye my hair again especially with the box that I had purchased a few months ago that had a tinge of red in it. Red is now a four letter word to me. I shall never use any hair dye with red again. I am going to beg them to put my hair back to it's mousey brown. I miss you mousey brown. Am I spelling mousey right? Enh who cares.

Today was my Friday and it zoomed by pretty fast. Although I'm damn tired right now cause for the last few nights I've been tossing and turning at bedtime. I've been thinking about my training and the logistics of getting to work and commuting. I'll worry about it until I drive there for the first time. But let's hope that I get some sleep until that time.

I went into the spare bedroom to sleep last night as I was tossing and turning and at one point before I left the room I could have sworn I heard my cell phone ring - it hadn't I checked. I think it was because I was daydreaming about getting a call from my boss in the morning that work was cancelled due to a burst water pipe (pitiful I know but a girl can dream).

I'm a light sleeper and this was proven at 2am when I was awoken by the sound of water it turned out just to be the hubby going to the bathroom but I awoke with such a start I was out of the bed within seconds - I guess daydreaming about a burst pipe probably wasn't the best idea!

So besides the hair dying fiasco tonight was pretty good. T came over for dinner and our renewed Survivor nights! Keith made an awesome delicious dinner. Before that him and I cleaned like mad to get our place looking Fine. We succeeded. Of course we did this by hiding the boxes we are going through so it's not like our job is done.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to put all the x-mas decorations away. This should have been done awhile ago but yah it hadn't.

Alright it's hurting my head too much to concentrate on this entry. I'm tired and my hair is freaking me out whenever I look in the mirror. Although I am tempted to take a picture of it just for future reference in case I ever get it in my head to go this route again.

Oh yah we looked up airflight prices for Mexico tonight. T and I got super excited. We have to wait to book though cause T's guy is still confirming the dates off on his job. I am praying he doesn't screw this up for all of us. He loves making money and if it means missing an overtime shift he would chose the money over the trip. But I won't think about that I'll deal with it when it happens.

Alright I am gonna call it a night and go to bed. The sooner I go to sleep the sooner I can get my hair all one color again - arrrrrgh!

10:49 p.m. - 2008-02-07


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