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I'm sitting here fingering my dead ends. They are deader than dead. I went out with wet hair after the gym and the ends are all crunchy. So I'm combing my fingers through it - sigh.

Did I mention I'm getting my hair cut this Wednesday? Oh man that was a battle and a half booking this appointment. You see a few months ago I bought this deal from a door to door person. I paid $40 for a haircut, highlites, a facial and a manicure. Pretty good deal huh? I bought 4 for some stupid reason - I only needed 3. I think I was thinking that I could always use the extra for just myself but then I found out they are for new customers only so I can only go once with the coupons. I figure I can sell it at work to some woman wanting a deal. Who doesn't want a deal? Once I go Wednesday I can let them know how the place is (of course if it's bad I will just leave that part out and play up the positives).

ANYway booking the appointment was hard cause C, T and myself all have to go at the same time to make it a girl thing. Well the salon isn't the most accomodating for 3 people at once. I sent numerous emails to the girls and called the salon several times trying to work this out. The second last time I called I was on my last shred of patience and was pretty bitchy to the girl truth be told. But finally we all found a date - next Wednesday. The only catch is they can only do 2 haircuts and one mani/facial. All 3 of us want our hair done. I feel bad but there is no way I am NOT getting my hair cut this Wednesday. Since I will be the first one there as both C and T work in another city I will be getting my hair cut. T can't really get a mani as she has fake nails. Let's hope C will be okay with getting the facial and mani - Sigh. Why do fun outings have to be fraught with drama? Well I guess if we were paying full price for this crap we wouldn't have to deal with all this.

I stayed up kind of late last night - 2am to be exact. I watched some tv and then Veronica M@rs. I swear to god this show is like crack to me. Once I start I just cannot stop. I literally had to talk myself down. I had to force myself to turn off the telly and walk away - it was hard. Then this morning? Hello back downstairs to continue my addiction!

I'm quite surprised I actually made it out of the house to go to the gym. Thank God I have some kind of willpower going on!

Well the hubby is sitting beside me kind of grumpy (he's tired and his nap didn't seem to help too much) and I can hear his belly growling. So I think we better go dig us up some food and then find our bathing suits cause we're going hot tubbin' tonight!

5:40 p.m. - 2008-02-09


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