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I Heart T Dot

My last night in T dot. Well this week anyway. And I have had a ball! What fun! Last night I had a just me night which was pretty sweet. I walked down the road grabbed my favourite comfort food - Swiss Chalet - and then came back to the room and had a mini feast by myself - bliss! I had contemplated taking a walk around the neighbourhood but then laziness won out. If only I had known that Winners was right around the corner I would have definetely taken that stroll!

I even managed to have a half decent sleep - my first all week. I'm definetely going to miss my view from my hotel. I love watching the cn tower especially since it does this light show every hour and is so cool to watch. I'm hoping I get a room just as cool next week and that I wasn't 'spoiled' this week.

Tonight S picked me up and we went back to her place. Her and her guy made us fajitas for dinner - delicious. Our friend A was there as well as a friend of S's who I haven't seen in years which was very cool. For some reason I don't expect people to remember me so it's always a surprise when they do - a nice surprise. S's guy ate quickly and left the 4 of us gals to sit and chat which we did!!! Two girls night's in one week is pretty cool. Around 9 we headed out and dropped off J (the old/new friend) and the 3 of us headed off for icecream. There is this Amazing place that we all love as they have the most delicious desserts and it doesn't matter that it's freezing out this ice cream is so worth it. And I cannot have it without a cappacino -they go hand in hand! It was worth every sinful calorie!

Speaking of calories, I finally got my gym card! It was a journey getting it as I don't have security access to our head office which means my card doesn't work and I ended up getting security to grant me access and I was finally able to obtain my card. Now I just have to get it put into the system this weekend when I'm home and hopefully I just might make it to the gym while I'm here next week. But to be honest with you this really doesn't look like a possibility. I have made numerous plans with S for most of the nights next week. We're hitting a few of our favourite restaurants from way back in the day and we're also planning on hitting a comedy and improv show or two. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm gonna miss all this action when I go home for good.

But trust me I miss home. I miss my boy. I miss seeing him everyday and being able to give him a smooch or five! I really hope traffic isn't insane when I leave tomorrow afternoon. If he's on a super early shift he could be asleep when I get home and it may be beyond my capability not to run in and smother him in kisses while he sleeps!

PS - would it be weird to come back next week with binoculars? Don't worry I have already said no to myself. I can just imagine me gawking into a building several blocks away only to see someone staring back at me with binoculars...that would be my kind of luck.....and that's also why I walk around fully clothed while the curtains are matter how high up I am!

Alright I better go now. It's almost 11:30 and I have to do the majority of my packing tonight so I can check out in the morning, and drop my bags in my car before work. The hotel allows parking till 4:00 on the day of check out. I will be a bit past that but if they want to charge me they can...after all work is paying! La!

11:10 p.m. - 2008-02-21


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