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I will Never take the internet for granted again! This week has been crazy. I arrived back in T dot Sunday evening and tried to connect to a network and unlike last time when I plugged my laptop in and it worked no problem this time there were many problems. On Monday I had maintenance in and then he gave me a number for tec support. I called Tuesday and he eventually got me on but I made the mistake of turning off the laptop when I went to bed last night. Today? No network again. After several calls to the tec guy it was determined that it was the room that was the problem. Sigh. So they moved me up one floor. The internet worked but...the tv didn't! It was fuzzy. So they moved me one more time down two floors. Now here I sit with both the internet and a tv that works! Rockin'.

It just seems to be one of those weeks when everything that can go wrong will. Just little things, trust me I'm not crazy enough to get upset about all this. In fact all I can do is laugh.

All in all it's been a pretty good week so far. Training has been good. It's so much knowledge though. So much. I just have to retain it all and I should be golden. I'm kind of afraid to go back to work next week. I've been keeping up with the emails and things are crazy. There have been so many changes and some of them worry me. My boss was being a large be-atch to my co-worker about our flex and since we were definitely in the right it pissed me off big time. I just hate that she made my co-worker think that she is doing us a favour when in fact we're in the right - grrrrr!

In really good news it turned out that Keith didn't have to work for a few nights so I convinced him to come in to town last night. We were supposed to go to an improv show but it was the night that they showed videos from the internet. We went anyway and it did turn out to be a good time. But it wasn't as good as Monday when S and I went. It was comedy night. OMG the comics were SO funny. I had tears in my eyes and my face actually hurt from laughing so hard! If I lived in T dot I would be going at least once a month if not more!

Anywho it was kind of ironic that the night Keith made it down I was in a room with a queen size bed! All last week I had a king and now after my 2 moves tonight I am again in a room with a king! Ha. The room is quite big which is nice cause the queen size rooms are much smaller. But the bathroom is like the size of a pea! Interesting planning on their part. It is one of their new rooms so the decor is all funky and what not.

I am so looking forward to going to bed at a decent time - 11! The last two nights I went to bed around 12. Last night I didn't sleep all that well and had many crazy dreams.

Alright I can barely concentrate, all I want to do is go and catch up on all my diarys!

FYI - the computer just ate my entry but damn if I don't copy my entries before posting - heehaw!

9:14 p.m. - 2008-02-27


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