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Home Sweet Home

Well...stick a fork in me cause I am done. What time is it? Almost 10:30? I've been home for about half an hour. It was a loooong drive. I can honestly say I am glad this week is over. I am glad training is over.

Today was so chaotic in training. The morning went well enough. Well that's not really true. I was very rushed today what with checking out and all. I barely had time to grab some breakfast before class and it definitely wasn't tim's cause their line up was crazy long. I got to class with minutes to spare. Not the best way to start the last day of class. Oh and spilling some sort of liquid on my new sweater really didn't make the morning any better. But I survived until lunch time.

My training buddy and I met up with an ex-co-worker for lunch and all was well until I checked my phone as I thought it had beeped earlier that morning. It had. It was C telling me how upset she was by my email last night. Grrreat. I knew I shouldn't have emailed while I was upset. I still have no idea what was said as she said that her response I quoted in my last update was not her response. So whatever. I apologized for jumping to conclusions and told her that I was sorry for getting in the middle of it - which as you dear reader(s) know was never my intention. I think I've been forgiven but it's hard to tell with C. I sent her a text on the hell ride home and she didn't respond which either means she didn't have her phone (highly unlikely) on her or she was ignoring me cause she's still pissed at me (way more likely). Whatev. It is what it is now.

I spent 2 hours in TO after class. For the first I felt so lost - emotionally not physically. It was so weird not having a home base to return to. I guess I could have gone and sat in my car in the underground parking but really that would have been really weird and let's just say it - plain crazy. So instead I went and bought a bag cause I was carrying this Huge binder around with me in this cheap plastic bag that was not going to last for very long as well as several other heavy items. After my purchase I wandered around aimlessly as most of the stores were closed and I couldn't even shop. Finally I decided to go have dinner which was the best decision I could make as it totally killed an hour of my time. I took my time and had a really nice meal. After that I popped in for a coffee to go and then went to my car and headed for the highway.

The best part is the road was pretty clear as I walked to my car and after I took it above ground and onto the road - wham - there was traffic every where! I nearly had a heart attack when a pedestrian was beside my car yelling at me. I had creeped out from a side road and yes I was mostly concentrating on the traffic and trying to get a chance to jump in. Since I was half in the intersection most people go behind the car but I guess he wasn't too happy with me. My nerves were shattered enough by that point so I was on the verge of a break down by then. PMS and TO traffic really don't mix as I found out. I wanted to weep on the spot.

I did end up crying on my drive home but that was because I listened to this one cd that had a few sentimental songs on it and even though I was clutching the wheel and hunched over trying to see the road with all the millions of vehicles kicking up the slush. Oh yah did I mention it started snowing about an hour or so before class ended and created total choas on the roads? So yah it probably wasn't the smartest idea to listen to these songs and cry but I had to do something to keep me sane during my 3 hour drive.

Well my clothes are just about done - I threw a load in the washer and once it's done I think I will throw it in the dryer and head to bed. Keith got up when I got home and wanted me to come to bed right away but I need to unwind and just let my nerves calm down - oh and update this diary thing too! Tomorrow is going to be busy. We're heading to my parents around 12 or 1 when Keith gets home from work. We're having a surprise party for my mom. So I have to pack and get the gifts ready and yada yada yada. No rest for the wicked I guess.

Okay I think that's about all I have to say right now. The mind is still a little....slushy...heh.

10:26 p.m. - 2008-02-29


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