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Wow! Am I the only one freaked out about d-lands new look? But I have to admit that I like it. I don't know the old look just had this childish feel to it in my opinion. But I will admit that it does take getting used to! Change is good. Yup.

So it's been a hectic few days - what else is new? Saturday the hubby and I headed to my parents for my mom's suprise party. My dad loves surprising her and even gets away with it occasionally. It was true this time as well. I mean who would expect the family to show up at 4pm on a Saturday? Yah she was happy.

I even managed to get in some face time with my training binder on the drive home on Sunday. I wasn't studying so much as just familiarizing myself with where to find the info I would need. My long winded way of saying that the test went pretty darn well in my opinion. It took me over 2 hours to complete - fun times.

Work. Humph. I'm not sure what to say about work right now. I am not a happy camper and being away for two weeks have made me realize this even more. I think my co-workers are great but the work isn't really doing it for me anymore. I just don't feel...satisfied for lack of a better word. It makes me all the more determined to move on even though the thought scares the living heck out of me.

Alright but enough about boring work. 'Real' life has been pretty crazy as well. Yesterday T called and asked if I could come pick her up from a garage that she was going to be leaving her car at. She wouldn't tell me why. I wasn't worried until I pulled in and saw her car - the front end was smushed in. It turns out she had been in a car accident Saturday morning after a night of drinking and no sleep. There is a harrowing story involved and absolute pure luck on her part. Nobody was hurt and no charges were laid. I really hope this was a wake up call for her. To quit drinking so much and definitely not to drive when she thinks she's okay. She has told nobody about this - not even her guy who was away for the week and came home last night. They are on seperate work shifts so he won't see the car. She asked me not to tell anyone either. I went to bed with a heavy heart last night. I felt like I was in an after school special. I was being asked not to tell a secret even though the person asking was in trouble. Finally I just told Keith as we were going to sleep. I did it for a few reasons. One - I really hate lying to him and keeping secrets but the real reason was that I am worried about T. I can't carry this burden alone. I also wanted him to know so that whenever she's over we both watch what she drinks (if this didn't scare her straight that is). I need him to know that we can't just be so casual about her having a few drinks and then driving home anymore. Plus I needed him to tell me it's going to be okay - even though I know we can't know for sure. But it's nice to hear it.

The other piece of news I have is way better. We finalized our travelling plans last night - we are going to Mexico!!!! This was a huge under taking cause we're going with T and her guy who have to go through this agency cause of this 'deal' they got. So Keith and I couldn't book the way we normally would. We had to book everything seperately so we could make sure we were on the same flight as them and especially going the same week! Crazy enough the week we wanted was all booked on nearly every site Keith went to. We're going the first week of May. I am so psyched! We're leaving from Detroit and have to switch planes in Houston. The first leg of the flight we all sit together after that we are all spread out over the plane. None of us are near each other. The plane was that full! There were only like 8 seats left. This should be intersting - I'm not the best flyer!

Keith booked the flight for all of us and T and her guy will reimburse us. And since Keith and I were in the spending mood we bought a 'bar' tonight for the basement. The thing is huge! And cost a lot. I really didn't know they were that expensive. I guess I was a little naive. Ah well. At least we'll have it for 2 weekends from now when we have our St Patty's day party! Woot Woot!

Alright I gotta end this entry. I was loving this new look and didn't understand why people were complaining about the pain of white on black but whenever I look up from my screen my eyes are buggy! Annoying. I think I'm gonna have to send in my comments to Andrew since he's asking anyway!

9:16 p.m. - 2008-03-04


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