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My mind refuses to believe the clock...still.

I wanted to update all day at work and not because I had anything important to say but more like because I was bored! I would have except my work keyboard bugs me big time. It's so frickin' loud that anyone would be able to tell I wasn't actually working they would probably think I was emailing many people (which I was actually doing) but I digress. Now? The urge to write is pretty much gone but I'm stubborn so an entry I shall write!

As predicted I was beyond tired this morning. I didn't go to bed till after 12 (which my mind will only acknowledge as 11). Getting up at 6:45 was definitely not cool. My eyes were actually still blurry as I drove to work. I have now turned into that woman who puts her make up on while driving to work. But I only do it while at stop lights (which are many between me and work). I sometimes can put all my make up on (by all I mean mascara, lipstick and a bit of concealer to disguise those terrible pimples) while sitting in line for coffee in the morning. I have now made it a habit to stop for a coffee on my way to work. I will admit I am addicted to the 'roll up the rim' contest. Plus? Tim's coffee is way better than the sludge at my office. Win Win. Except for the fact I usually show up to work a few minutes late. I must work on that.

Thankfully somehow the day went by fairly fast (most likely due to the second coffee I had at lunch - a two coffee day she was). I was ecstatic to be going home. Although once home I realized now I actually had to 'work'. As in Clean. Ugh. So while I waited for Keith to get home I did some organizing and cleaning and yah basically you can't tell I did anything. Sigh.

Keith got home around 5:30 and he was beyond tired. He probably didn't go to sleep till 10 last night and then at 3:30 we got a phone call from his helper guy (the same dude who called last week!!!) letting him know yet again he couldn't help him as his wife finally had the baby. So Keith got up and went to work. I don't know how he does it somedays.

My favourite part of the evening was as we were lying in the spare room just chatting about the upcoming weekend and how we were going to organize the spare room. I like when there's no outside distractions and we can just chat even if it's about nothing. You would think I was in love or something eh?

After all that chatting we finally got up and headed out for dinner since neither of us had the energy to cook.

Today I was driving C crazy cause she's not coming this weekend to our party and I told her she would miss the surprise we had in our basement. It was bugging her that I wouldn't tell her what it was. She guessed a bar but I refused to let her know if she was right. Then tonight I get this call from T asking me what I bought for the basement. I was all confused by the question as I thought she meant decorations until she said C told her I bought something. Oh that C! Way to ruin a surprise!

I refused to tell T which irked her even more. I've decided if they badger me on Wednesday when I see them I'm going to tell them it's a giant dart board. A lie but a harmless one. Although T may find out this Thursday if she comes over for Survivor. Keith and I should totally put up caution tape over the doorway but that wouldn't even slow down T!

About an hour ago the phone rang and it was this guy asking me what I was doing and what shift Keith was working this week and I had no freakin' clue who it was! Finally after he asked a question about borrowing the gps did I realize it was T's guy. D'oh. You really think the Scottish accent would have given it away!

Alright I'm gonna go catch up on some diaries and then definitely head to bed early tonight - I need my beauty sleep something fierce!

9:45 p.m. - 2008-03-10


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