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Bartender....we need some barstools!

Well I didn't go to bed early last night and I definitely didn't get the beauty sleep I needed...and for the record I didn't get $200 when I passed Go either!

Well we now have a bar in our basement. In our still crazy disorganized basement. As I said to Keith when I first saw it, "it's kind of anti climatic". I guess I was hoping that I would come downstairs and the basement would be all put together like they are on those reality shows...except we didn't have a team of designers organizing our basement. Poo.

Keith is off tomorrow so I'm hoping he can get a huge chunk done (unfair I know). But he has a lot of running around to do (a lot of it work related) plus he hurt his hand today at work - he slammed the huge back door down on it. He's so lucky he only bruised it badly and not worse.

So d-land is almost back to it's original look eh? Hm. The black was bugging me but the blue is so...yesterday. Meh.

I have yet again avoided doing laundry. Luckily I still have a few work clothes (that I feel comfortable enough to wear!) that are clean. It's so funny cause last week I was looking good and feeling good about all the clothes I was wearing....and this week all those clothes are dirty and I am scrambling to find things to wear. Not even just things to wear but things I like. I am suddenly so over all my plain t-shirts. I want color. I want patterns. Plain is just so boring for me right now. Ironically of course I am wearing a solid pink t-shirt tomorrow!

I haven't been to the gym all week which is ticking me off. Monday I knew I didn't want to push my back which is feeling 98% better btw. Today I really did have good intentions of going but then Keith asked me to drive him to his chiro appointment because his hand was sore and then from there we went out looking for bar stools and got side tracked in other stores as well. And then before we knew it it was 7:30 and we were starving. Keith was in the mood for chinese and so we headed to the place near us only to find out it went out of business! We drove around our area and the only other chinese restaurant was closed (not sure if for good or not!). Since it was now our mission to get chinese we drove across town to where we used to live and went to our favourite place and picked chinese up from there.

Well I think I will make this short and sweet since I really do want to go to bed at a decent hour tonight - I'm aiming for 10:30.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with C and T and we're finishing the last of our spa package. C will be getting her hair cut while T and I get facials and manicures. Sweet.

My body is slowly starting to accept this daylight savings time thing...but it won't give in without a fight I tell ya.

9:28 p.m. - 2008-03-11


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