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Let's just party already!

I am So glad this week is over. It's been a crazy few days (I use the word crazy a lot don't I?).

So yah let's get to some details of this 'crazy' week. Wednesday with the girls was fun. I had a facial and a manicure (the mani is already coming off from all my cleaning). Afterwards we checked out our bridesmaid dresses but luckily snuck out of there before having to get measured and put down a down payment. We have until the end of May which I am going to utilize! After that we went to the Lobster of Red for dinner and then called it a night. It's weird cause the salon girls Standoffish? I just know they aren't the most friendly which brings me to a weird dilemma. Why would I go to a salon that I don't feel values it's clients but gave me the most wicked hair cut of my life?! Dang.

So on my way into work Thursday I parked my car and was rushing towards the building cause I was late as normal (my morning coffee habit is slowing me up big time) and before I knew it I was on the ground. I didn't see a patch of ice and hit the ground with my right knee and jarred my back (oh and I didn't spill a drop of coffee even though I dropped it!). I wanted to cry but I was a big girl and sucked it up. I even forced myself to go to the gym to meet my trainer that evening.

Today I used that excuse (my back) to leave work early. Oh did I mention that I didn't go into work on Wednesday? Um yah I didn't. I woke up so tired and knew I had a ton of work to do in the house to get ready for our party - unfortunately the hubby and I goofed off big time so yah cleaning didn't really happen. Last night I layed in bed so tired but could not sleep as I couldn't stop thinking about what I had to do today. Then as I was sitting at our reception desk feeling like time was going backwards I knew I had to break out. I emailed my boss and told her I was leaving at 1:00 due to back pain (which you know I wasn't really lying about and since exercise is good for the back I really was helping it when I came home and cleaned for 3 hours!). Okay I really should clarify in case people think I live in a pig sty I'm not 'cleaning' filth just clutter. We've been going through boxes like crazy so we have a ton of card board that I have to cut up and bundle (I've done a bunch but there's still a ton more). I now have all the nitty gritty stuff to do - to make everything look pretty and to decorate tomorrow. Oh tomorrow.

I have so much to do tomorrow! Ugh. I told Keith the next time HE plans a party he better dang well be off so he can do all this last minute crap cause just like last time (halloween) I am the one doing the sludge work up till the very last minute. Although I really can't be that hard on him cause he is having a rough week. The guy who's supposed to be helping him (same guy who crapped out on him last week due to his pregnant wife who gave birth and had complications) is crapping out again this week. Last night we got a call at midnight and found out the guy couldn't help again cause his wife was in critical condition (turned out she had a blood clot that travelled to her head). Keith understands but he just wishes the guy had taken the week off so he could have planned better and would have been able to move things around to make it all better. As it is he is working like 16 hour days and getting barely any sleep. I want to do something for him but I can't. All I can do is try and take care of the details for the party. We had hoped to make our SIL a cake for her birthday and decorate it St Patty's like but there's just no time so I decided rather than do a half ass job and burn myself out trying to make a cake I went out and bought one! Brilliant. It's blank so we (I) can still decorate it and make it all pretty.

Alright I'm gonna end this and do a little more cleaning while catching up on my big bro and waiting for my last load of laundry to be done.

Woe is me. :P

11:11 p.m. - 2008-03-14


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