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I still see Green....shamrocks that is!

Wow I can't believe it's 1am! Oh...oh wait it's only 8:30! Da-am! My body is not loving me right now. I am so sore from cleaning non stop yesterday. My legs are so sore from climbing the basement stairs a bazillion trillion times yesterday. But! The house looked awesome! It was clean and decorated and stocked with plenty of booze and food.

Everyone pretty much showed up around 5. The arrival times were all up in the air so we hadn't really planned on serving dinner more like snacks and what not unfortunately everyone pretty much showed up starving so Keith and I had to come up with a plan B. We bought several pizzas and that combined with all the food we already had was enough to satisfy the masses.

All in all I'd say the party was a success. As usual the party started off kind of stiff but a couple hours later everyone was having a smashing time. Everyone loved the new bar and enjoyed making a huge mess on it! It's now permantly marked with blue (curaco). I even came up with a St Patty's day shooter and gave a toast when I handed one out to everyone. I gave my sil her b-day present - the new Cranium game. We played many games of it.

We all woke up around 10 and 11 and before we knew it it was 2 in the afternoon! Everyone started to leave and before I knew it Keith and I were left alone with a dirty house (and this time I do mean filthy!). I cleaned a bit and left Keith to think about work stuff. The route he's starting tomorrow is for a guy who owes him 2 weeks back pay (one week from December and one from August!!!). At first Keith just wasn't going to show up but I told him that he just doesn't have it in him to be that mean I suggested calling the guy and telling him he won't work until he gets paid and see how fast the guy brings the cash over. But Keith decided he will go in tonight and let the guy know that if he doesn't pay him by the end of day tomorrow he won't finish the route. Funny enough the guy Keith used to work for full time told Keith if he doesn't work for the guy he's supposed to then he can work for him instead.

Alright it's 9 o'clock - bedtime for reals! I'm going to go and take off this terrible nail polish that is already half off and then hit the hay. I 'think' I'll have no problem falling asleep tonight but there's been many other times I thought that as well. We went to bed last night around 2 or so but I was awake for hours with the roller coaster tummy!

Here's to a good and looong night's sleep! Maybe I'll dream of Shamrocks!

8:43 p.m. - 2008-03-16


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