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It's only Tuesday and my week is almost over - sweet!

Is it normal for your eyebrows to still hurt 3 days after you’ve had them waxed? I think I have finally learned my lesson. Convenience and saving money is not worth a crappy wax job. This time the woman didn’t even do a good job! I have stray hairs on the sides. And when she plucks? It’s like she yanks clumps out at a time…or at least that’s how it feels. And isn’t the wax supposed to feel warm when they put it on your face? Yup I will be going to some where reputable that even if it takes me out of my way and I pay a few more dollars at least I know they will do a good job. I have very conflicted emotions today. I woke up with wicked sinus pressure and just want to hold my head in my hands like a vise grip and moan (and not the good kind of moaning). But on the other hand I woke up from a really crappy dream and I was just so happy to find out that it was a dream that I couldn’t help but be in a good mood. Dreams can be so weird. Sometimes I try and read about the meanings but a lot of times the meaning is so obscure that I’m more confused than ever. Regardless it was just a dream and for that I am very glad. My dreams the night before were a little more interpretative as they dealt with heights and falling and yah I managed to figure those out.

So I went to the gym after work yesterday! I’m so proud of myself. I get there just before it gets crazy busy so there’s still machines to choose from. And this way I can’t get home and get comfy and decide not to go out later which was happening a lot. It’s just a pain packing my gym stuff in the morning as I’m already rushing as it is.

I have a 3 day work week! Pretty sweet. It also turns out that Keith doesn’t have a route this week as the guy who booked him for vacation totally forgot he did. He’s been having major financial problems (thus not paying Keith) so he can’t afford to take time off right now. A few other guys have asked Keith if he will help them on their routes so at least he’s able to bring in a little cash and not have to work so much cause last week was a killer. But now. Now we have a dilemma. I am off for 5 days starting Thursday. He CAN be off for 5 days starting Thursday as well. We’re definitely going to go to my parents for Easter but we don’t have to be there till like Saturday. Now we have a few days to…play? I know we shouldn’t even be thinking of going anywhere or doing anything that costs money cause hello we have a house now? And yet….life is short have fun while you can….without bankrupting yourself for the future of course! Speaking of fun…and the future. We bought luggage this past weekend. It was a really good price. Normally we borrow T’s luggage but since she’s coming up with us this time that’s not really an option. We avoided buying it before as we had no room to store it but with a house…we still have no room but will find it somewhere! I can’t believe we’re going away in a month and a half. Time is going to fly by I just know it.

So the other day when Keith and I were in the car a song was on the radio and said something like “I’d turn my back on my best friend if he put you down” and I totally can’t remember the name of the song right now! Anywho I asked Keith if he would turn his back on his best friend and that got us into the conversation of who is his bestfriend. Not sure if anyone remembers me mentioning this before when I was all peeved about how he wouldn’t say I was his best friend cause he doesn’t think a wife is a best friend or some such nonsense. Well….finally….during this conversation he said that I was his best friend! He looked at a bestfriend as someone you joked with and could tell to their face when they’re being an idiot and all that stuff and he said we’re like that and he totally calls me on it when I’m being an idiot and we joke around and yah this is totally not capturing the moment at all! It was just very sweet and I love it when the hubby comes around to eventually agreeing with me!


All of the above was written durning my day at work and when I didn't have a chance to post it I sent it home via email. I just got in with the hubby we had an impromptu dinner date with T and her man. I am stuffed. We went to the Mongoli@n Grill which is so good. Afterwards we went for dessert but I just had a steamer (never had one before kind of tasty). I was so proud of myself that I didn't have any. I went to the gym tonight after work and just the thought of all that work going to empty calories was enough to stop me - go me! In fact I felt so good after my work out I just wanted to whack myself for not going all the time. It's amazing how great I feel afterwards. My clothes feel better, I feel better in my own skin. It's just such a win win.

The hubby and I decided not to go away anywhere before going to my parents on Saturday. We're going to be responsible and stay home and spend money on other things. I'm a little bummed cause I love going away but hey I guess I can just keep getting more and more excited for our trip in May! Did I mention we're going to be in Mexico for Cinco De Mayo? I really have no idea what that holiday entails but whatev it sounds like a good time.

Alright I gotta go post some pics on facebook from the weekend and then hit the sack cause this gal is mucho tired!

10:04 p.m. - 2008-03-18


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