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5 sweet days of freedom

Five Whole Days Off!!! Sweet!

My day had it's ups and downs but I just kept telling myself that it would all be over...or just 4:30 and to just hold on. I see it worked.

So you know my little issue with stress right? Well I've kind of been paying attention to what stresses me out. Besides work that is. So anywho I have come to realize that I get pretty stressed out when driving. It's the other people on the road really who make me stressed. They drive too slow, they cut in and out of lanes, they are just plain stupid. You know that kind of thing. Well now that I am concious of it I am trying to make an effort to relax more. I used to just sit back and enjoy the ride now I have to get somewhere like yesterday. Other drivers should not be on the road! I have been making an effort to do some deep breathing when people are ticking me off and also I have said out loud on occassion "this is not my road, I have to share it with others". True story. I have to go back to enjoying the journey and not worry so much about the destination. Zen.

I went to the gym again tonight - making it 3 days in a row! And? I have to go tomorrow since I'm meeting my trainer. I am sore as all get out cause I did weights yesterday and cause hey going to the gym 3 days in a row! But yah go me!

We had Survivor night with T and her guy. Keith made a wicked roast with all the fixins. We watched a double episode since we didn't watch it last week. It was so good. Who quits Survivor cause they're homesick? Suck it up (wo)man!

So I tried to book a massage tomorrow from the lady I normally go to. She called me back and told me she was going out of town tomorrow to visit her father in the hospital. He may only have a few days to live - he has lung cancer. Talk about sobering. What do you say in a situation like that? Like an idiot I think I ended the conversation with telling her to try and have a good long weekend. This is why I am not allowed to communicate with people when they lose or are losing a loved one. I'm just a moron.

And to end this post on a totally unrelated note I have to remember to go out and buy some easter chocolate tomorro....mmmmm chocolate.

10:01 p.m. - 2008-03-19


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