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The Bunny missed my house!

Aright I only got like a few minutes cause the hubby is making us 'real' food rather than just a snack of junk food. We had a late lunch today thus the late dinner.

So Easter Weekend is what I would call a success. It was an awesome 5 days off and I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow...surprise surprise. The only silver lining, if you will, is the fact that my boss is on vacation for 2 weeks!!!

Let's get to the recap: Friday's movie was excellent (Horton Hear's a Who) we saw it at 9pm so there were no children in the theatre. I know, I know, we go and see a children's movie and wait till there are no kids up to see it! Saturday we headed to my parents around 1:30 which was a bit later than I wanted to go but for us it was pretty good.

The ride there was not good. Right before we left Keith and I had a quick chat about money and finances and that put me into a funk. A funk that I just could not shake! In fact I even ended up crying while in the car. And it was just so stupid. What we talked about did upset me but not to the point of tears. Then every time I thought of 'bucking up' I would crumble and begin to cry again! Of course I cried silently and only when I couldn't help but sniffle cause of you know...snot...did Keith realize I was crying and make me talk about it. After we talked I felt so much better. Even though as I told him I still had no idea why the hell I was crying and why the funk wouldn't lift. It did lift the second half of the trip and we stopped at tim's so I could grab an ice cappacino and continue on. By the time we made it to my parents I was 100% better.

The weekend sped by as it usually does and I missed seeing my brothers and all the rest. My parents were thrilled to have us there though. Mom, Keith and I played scrabble until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday and then when we went to bed at 1am I tossed and turned for pretty much the 5 hours we had of sleep. Yup we were up at 6am to go to the Sunrise service. Oh man this was THE coldest Sunrise service I have ever attended. I normally get a little cold but since I'm all bundled up it doesn't really penetrate the old bones. This time? Chilled to the bone within 10 minutes. We even had a blanket under us and one over our laps. I was squished between my mom and Keith and still was cold! The church has no electricity thus no heating btw. When the service was over we stepped out into the even colder morning air (who knew it was colder than inside the church?) and then headed straight to the church hosting the morning breakfast (my dad's church this year). I had like 3 cups of coffee more for warmth than anything else. Keith and I headed back to the house and immediately undressed and...went to bed for a nap! Of course there was a bit of a snag in our plan since this lady I'll call um...Yappy (she talks a LOT and will be the first to admit it) was coming over cause she was coming to our Easter Dinner too. So while mom and dad went to the second service the 3 of us headed back to their place and while Yappy watched tv or whatever Keith and I tried to sleep. I think I was more tired getting up after sleeping but I'm sure I would have fallen face first into the dinner later that day if I hadn't napped!

*Okay I just stopped for a bite to eat and now am ready to continue*

Our drive to my aunt and uncle's brought us all close....real close. My parent's van seats 7 but I don't think they use the word adults anywhere in that sentence. Keith and I were in the back seat along with another relative who thankfully is a slender guy cause we were squished! I felt bad for Keith as he was too tall for his spot so had to sit with his head leaning to one side. Sore neck much?

Dinner was, of course, beyond amazing. And I'm sure I ate way too much. That evening we had it in us to play 2 games of scrabble before calling it a night. Oh yah we did make quite a few batches of homemade fries early in the evening. I noticed a box that had a potato slicer on it along with this contraption where you put sliced potatos in the microwave and they come out as chips. After that we made them the old fashioned way in the deep fryer! Fun and greasy! My dad didn't get to partake in the fun as a lady who was on her deathbed for the last few days died. He didn't get home till after 11pm - he had been up since 4:30 that morning!

I thought I would sleep like a baby but of course as per my luck I layed awake for a long time and tossed and turned for most of the night. My parents spare bed is a double and Keith and I are not petite people! Not to mention my parents keep the house cool at night so I was cold and awake! I guess all things considered though I'm feeling pretty good right now.

After breakfast we played one more quick game of scrabble (I wasn't kidding we play it a Lot). My dad played too which was rare and made the game go pretty quick (he won btw and I came in second!). Keith and I headed out shortly after and started our way home. We stopped several times - the first was at a mall where we roamed and eventually grabbed a late lunch where we shared a really bad piece of chocolate cake for dessert. It was pretty stale and we regretted having it afterwards but what ya gonna do?

One other stop we made was at T's work. We were going to be driving near it and I hadn't seen it since her office moved. She was surprised to see us and gave us a quick tour. We finally arrived home around 6 or so and since then we've been kicking back and now it's almost 10 and I have to talk my body into going to sleep and....getting up for work in the morning...sans boss! Alright off I go.

8:37 p.m. - 2008-03-24


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