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Yes, it is all about me.

Iíve got spring fever but then again Iím sure everyone does right now. But ya know itís all about me. Just sayiní.

Yesterday I packed my gym bag rather quickly and forgot several important items (hello sports bra!) thus couldnít go to the gym right after work. And then seeing as how it was snowing like crazy when I left work the odds of me hitting the gym werenít looking to good. The odds won. I got home and vegged for the whole evening! Oh I did manage to do like 3 loads of laundry so I guess that was something. But Iím sure it didnít get the heart rate going like the machines at the gym do!

I carefully re-packed my bag last night and now have all the items needed to work outÖ.unfortunately I forgot the bag at home this morning. Self sabotage? Maybe. Tomorrow is my next session with my trainer I guess I can be guaranteed not to be sore like last time!

So back to hastily packing my bag yesterday morning. Why was it hasty you ask? Well it seems that my alarm clock didnít deem it necessary to go off at 6:50 so I woke up at 7:20 and blurrily looked at the clock. Whoops. I still made it to work only a few minutes late cause you know I wouldnít give up my morning run through timís especially on what was essentially my Monday.

Itís cold out. This sucks. Whereís the warm breeze of Spring already? Enough of this I say Ė enough!

Iím starting belly dancing again next week. Did I already mention this? Our teacher has decided she wants to resume teaching (as well as continue on with her new realtor career). I knew she would miss it and hoped she would be able to incorporate a night of teaching dance again. She also wants us to perform in some recital or other in April but thereís no way Iím doing that I havenít done b-dance since she stopped before x-mas! These hips are going to be sore sore sore next Friday!

Hmm. I donít have much else to say. I mean I could whine about how much I hate this cold weather but yah that doesnít even interest me. I could mention how Iím jealous of Keith as heís not working right now but he has been asked to work this weekend thus thwarting my plans of having us go on a road trip on Saturday to a nearby town for their spring festival. Sucks Out Loud. Grrr. Of course the guys would ask him to work the weekend Ė cause who wants to work on the weekend? But we need the money Ė desperately Ė so no isnít an option.

Itís my parentís 40th anniversary this September. Wow. Time to step up to the plate and think of something special to do.

March is almost over. Yippee! This makes me happy cause not only does April showers bring May flowers but it also brings me one step closer to going to Mexico! Whoop!

I bought a crap load of chocolate yesterday on clearance and then put it on the love seat when I got home from work with a note from the Easter Bunny. The note reprimanded Keith and I for not letting him know we moved and that the mice at our old apartment were no help whatsoever. Yes. I know I need help.

Alright letís sum up this entry as itís been sitting half written on my screen since I started it this morning. Hereís two random factoids about me:

1)I have 4 calendars in my little bitty cubicle at work. Four. One desk top that I can write on. One Get Fuzzy cartoon a day calendar. One full size dolphin calendar and one small psalms calendar that has the most beautiful pictures.

2) I have been missing typing my visa number and info into those little boxes you fill out when you are purchasing something like a night away or a theatre performance. And I guesstimate that wonít be happening anytime soon either.

Okay I guess thatís about it. Itís now 4:30 and the day got a way from me. Keith just emailed me Ė heís trapped at home. The car wonít open with the remote starter (battery is dead) and I have the other working one. He can unlock the door but since it was locked by remote the alarm will go off and he wonít be able to turn it off. The neighbors would love us then eh?

4:24 p.m. - 2008-03-26


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