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Confession Time

Oh itís BAD and yes capitals are completely necessary. I have got the PMS big time. As if my crying jag on the weekend wasnít proof enough that the olí monthlies were due soon I have more proof Ė read on!

My face. Oh my God my face. It was all I could do today to leave the house even after caking on a crap load of cover up. It is not only breaking up it is doing it with a vengeance. Not little red spots on my face but Huge Red ugly spots. Ugh.

Next. And this is a big one. Iím not even sure if I can actually write about it. I have an addiction. It started last weekend when I was making my mixed cd. I had Keith download some music. ByÖoh LordÖare you ready for itÖmusic byÖ.Mr Barry Manilow. Yah. I know. Now itís only about 4 songs of his that I had heard once or twice in my life but for some reason now I really want to listen to them. I nearly had a coronary this morning I wanted to listen to this one particular song and I hit random instead of last song and then I couldnít find it and I was at work by this time and I finally got to the song and then just sat there and listened to itÖfor like the 3rd time in a row!

Need more proof? Mmkay how about the fact that I basically ate dinner twice last night! Since I didnít have my gym bag I went home instead of to the gym and then once home Keith and I went out for a quick bite to eat before grocery shopping so it was about 5 oíclock. And of course due to the time of month I can eat my weight in food at every meal it seems, so at 8:30 when Keith was having a chicken wing craving and actually went out and bought the wings and some potato wedges who was I to say no? So I had 4 wings and a handful of wedges. Sigh.

I swear if it wasnít for my trainer appointment tonight I doubt I would go to the gym but this is exactly why my appointment is my saving grace. It forces me to go back to the gym and realize how good I feel once Iíve been there. But itís not just the gym right now I have motivation for very little at the moment. This too shall pass Iím sure.

But one thing is for sure I slept HARD last night. Wow at 10:30 I was out like a light. I woke up about half an hour later to find the hubby wide awake, I had kind of um snorted myself awakeÖoh yes I am a prize.

Alright itís time to clean up this desk and head out to the gym. After that itís over to Tís to go hot tubbiní and eat some grub. It was supposed to be Survivor night but it looks like itís not on tonight so weíre improvising!

4:24 p.m. - 2008-03-27


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