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Religion and sex....but not together.

I'm having an off night. It must be the whole end of March thang. Nah I totally made that up. I can't seem to write to save my life right now! I just left a retarded message for someone on d-land and after staring at the screen for several seconds and re-reading my idiotic message I just said to hell with it and hit send.

I've been preoccupied with sex lately. Or the lack of it to be more precise. It's been weeks. Several. We're either wounded (both of us are accident prone it seems) or we're just to damn tired to even try. Sad. Just plain sad. And between you and me it's not looking any better. The hubby isn't too happy with me. Feh.

So in other news my younger bro and his wife bought their first house! They take posession at the end of May. And go ahead and guess what my first thought was when they told me about the timing? I was bummed cause now they can't come camping with us on the 2-4. Then I had to give myself a slap for being selfish. Some days it's all about ME.

I surprisingly made it to the gym today. The only reason I went was to return a movie. You see the gym rents movies for free, they are due back in 2 days and that guarantee's you to come back....or pay $5/day every day it's late.

So I went to church today. The first time in like almost a year. Well besides my dad's church but that doesn't count. Unfortunately it wasn't for the purest reasons. My parents ask me about it every so often and I usually give this non commital answer and hope they don't ask many questions. Well colored me surprised when I found out the church changed it's name! I didn't know churches did that? All I could think about was good thing I found this out before my parents asked me about it! That would have been fun to answer. I do enjoy going to this church though. It's 'new age' or something like that. You go as you are - jeans, sneakers etc. They have a band and 2 huge screens. The songs that the band play are for the most part christian rock which is a far cry from the regular church music. Plus the minister is really good, he actually keeps me paying attention and not day dreaming. But this is still not enough to get me to go on a regular basis it seems.

Besides that fun the weekend was a pretty quiet one. I kind of wanted to get my drink on last night but after we went out to dinner at the Greek restaurant I was too stuffed to even attempt it.

We kept our lights off between 8 and 9 last night for Earth Hour. Well except when I went to the baathroom cause I deemed that a necessity to have the light on.

Oh yah I also did a little shopping today. I bought a long skirt, a pair of capris and a pair of cords. All at the 2nd hand stores of course. The skirt and capris were more than I would normally pay but they were both brand new and I want them for Mexcio. I made up for it when I bought the cords for just a few dollars.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow (Mun-day) although I'm not dreading it either cause the boss is still away and I'm not really hating the rotation I'm on right now either which helps.

But it will be another 4 day week for me which rocks!

Alright time to go and spend time with the hubby and try and get back into his good graces.

Here's to getting some tonight!

8:57 p.m. - 2008-03-30


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