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Good Shopping Times

It's my Friday tomorrow. I almost thought it wasn't going to happen as we're going to be short staffed on Friday but as far as I can tell it's all going to work out. Shew. 'Specially cause I just went and booked myself a massage for Friday morning. I need one bad! I'll need one real bad after belly dance tomorrow night!

So I met up with T tonight. We had some eats (we split 4 appetizers and were stuffed afterwards). We then went on a shopping bender. I bought 2 expensive shirts at 2 different stores but they are funky and very cool. I told T I am finally ready to get rid of my t-shirts - my work uniform - and go to more grown up clothes and she took it as her mission to find me shirts. Our last store though turned out to be more than we could handle. Literally half the store was either 2 pieces of clothing for $5 or 2 for $10. T bought a winter jacket that was regularly $135 for $5!!! Unfreakin believable. Of course it was 10 minutes to closing so our frantic efforts only gained us a few pieces of clothing. The sales girl told us the sale just started and they are expecting 60 plus boxes tomorrow of stuff. I think I know where I'll be spending my Friday afternoon off from work (after my massage of course). How can you go wrong? I would call tonight a success although really it was a success just cause I go to hang out with T one on one - it's been a while. I love how at first we were sort of searching for topics and it was just sort of slow going but by the end of the night we were back in the groove with each other.

As I was altering my 'Dominican' packing list to my 'Mexico' packing list (yah I saved it as a word document) I was overjoyed at deleting everything that had to do with my eyes pre-lasik. No contacts or solution or prescription sun glasses - so very sweet. This will be my first vacation where I'll be able to not plan ahead whenever we go anywhere and figure out if I have to wear contacts or glasses this is huge and I am beyond psyched.

Alright I gotta go watch my taped Big Bro show and then once I throw my laundry in the dryer I can head to bed. I was alseep before 10:05 last night and it was amazing. Tonight it will be more like 10:30 but I can deal cause...tomorrow is my Friday!

9:54 p.m. - 2008-04-02


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