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My day plus some dance stuff

My feet are cold. I have done a lot today. It's exhausting having the day off I tell ya. I started by getting up at 8am on a non work day! Yah I'm nuts. I even woke up at that time all on my own, my alarm was set for 9 but my body wasn't into that. I was out the door by 9 though on my way to the gym - yes I think I did freak myself out just a little bit. I usually like to talk the talk but when it comes to actually going by my 'itinerary' which I write out during my energetic moments it just doesn't happen. But today I checked everything off my list and wow.

After the gym I headed off for my massage and it was glorious! We made it 45 minutes rather than 30 since I whined about my legs being sore from my first bellydance class in 3 months.

After that it was off for lunch. I stood in a line for food for over 5 minutes without moving and by the looks of it I was going to be there a long time so I walked out. It's weird how I don't think I would have done that a few years ago. I would have felt embarressed for whatever reason but now? I just walk out. Buh-bye stupid slow restaurant you ain't getting my hard earned money! It was noon on a Friday you really think they would have expected and been prepared for the rush!

I then continued on and the next thing on my list was to get more hair product. This stuff is expensive but it works really well with my new haircut. And guess what? It has been discontinued! Of course! Why didn't I expect this. I bought other expensive stuff that I am supposed to combine with a product I already have and the girl said it 'should' work the same. Hrmph. Ah well guess I'll give it a shot!

Then it was on to lunch for reals this time! I went to a place that I love and Keith doesn't so it worked out well. Then it was off to spend a ton of money for the wicked clothes sale going on. I think I did well. I still don't know the tally of what all I got I just know I spent $56. Heh. But I walked out with 2 huge bags! I think I bought 2 skirts, 3 tanks, and um about 6 pairs of pants? Yah that sounds about right. Oh wait maybe only 4 pairs of pants plus 2 sweaters yah that's definitely it! All great stuff that would normally cost between $30 - $50 each piece!

I was tempted to head home after that but I decided that I would do something I have never done - finish my to-do list! I went and got my oil changed, something I have been putting off for weeks now! It, of course, cost me more than just an oil change cause I have a big 'sucker' marked on my forehead when I walk into these places. But they did get rid of the little bit of knockin' my engine does when I start it up so I guess I wasn't a total sucker...that's what I'm hoping anyway!

And now? Now I am home and waiting for the hubby to wake up. He got home from work probably around 10 or so this morning and was going to nap for a few hours. I'll probably go upstairs and make noise soon so he'll actually wake up. I do have a bit of head ache though. I think it's from the fumes in the oil place. I don't know what it was but as I sat in the waiting room my head began to pound. That or my body is mad it didn't get to sleep in and knows that it probably won't tomorrow either since it's the Syrup Festival and we like to go early. But hello? It's totally worth it for syrup.

Before I go I will tell you my dilemma. As I mentioned earlier last night was my first belly dance class in like 3 months. I think I may have mentioned there's a recital on Sunday and I had no intention of dancing. Yah so guess who got suckered into dancing? When it's my teacher's time to perform I'm supposed to sit like I'm in the audience while a few people do the first of 2 dances and then when they start the second I'm supposed to jump up from the audience and dance with them. This sounds good in theory but once I got home and began to think about it I realized how this could back fire. I am not 100% on the dance. I can do the first part no problem but then I lose it. I have to follow the teacher and she's a little unpredictable. I am close to emailing her and cancelling. I'm getting to a stage in my life that I don't want to be a people pleaser. If I don't want to do something or am uncomfortable doing it then I should just be able to say no. But? I already said yes so it makes it way harder to say no. I'm at a cross roads. I have to make a decision very soon. The other thing? Tomorrow night (after our syrup fun in the morning and god willing a nap!) T is having a dinner party which will turn into a regular party filled with drinking and hot tub times. If I go Sunday this means I will have to behave myself tomorrow and be the DD to drive us home. I think I know my answer but I just hate telling people no. Plus? I do like going to new things but the fact that I feel uncomfortable with the moves and my lack of practice (after three freakin' months of not even dancing!!) has pretty much made my decision for me. Now I must go figure out how to word this email! Oh and I'm not chickening out by not calling her...I don't have her number....and yah I totally wouldn't call her even if I did! Ha.

Oh look the hubby's up....time to play!

4:08 p.m. - 2008-04-04


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